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Foxfield Primary School

World Cafe Day

We are very excited to share with you some more details about our upcoming World Cafe event on Friday 14th October 2022. We are pleased to be able to run this fantastic community event again where we can all come together and celebrate some of the delicious food items that represent our different cultures and communities from within Foxfield.

This event will take place on Friday 14th October from 2:45 - 4pm. In their classes, the children will have completed a special Design and Technology project beforehand which means they will have created their own recipes from around the world and prepared them for everyone to come and try. Each year group will have their own table and the children will be there to talk you through their learning journeys and to hear feedback from you, the customers, on what you think of their final products.

As this is a community celebration event, we are also keen to welcome food contributions from everyone in the Foxfield family. Family members are welcome to either host an entire stall or to bring in an item to be shared with everyone. We are also hoping that some of our local restaurants will come along and run some stalls, so if you have any connections with particular places, please ask them to get in touch with Mrs Garcha by calling the office or emailing us on 

Please note that all of the food will need to be nut-free in order to ensure everyone is safe.