At the Inspire Partnership, the History Curriculum develops children’s knowledge of historical periods, events and significant individuals so they can appreciate the diversity of human experience. Children learn key facts and historical concepts alongside skills such as chronological understanding, how to analyse and evaluate historical evidence, how to empathise with people from different eras and how to compare and contrast life in different periods.

Through our knowledge-rich curriculum, we aim to give children experiences of a wide range of cultures, whilst ensuring that we accurately represent the diverse origins of the pupils themselves. Children consider questions of social justice and equity and how these issues have affected people and communities in the past and today. Children will be provided with an insight into the school’s local historical context, with a focus on addressing misconceptions around the origins of the diverse community that we live in.

In EYFS, children develop an understanding of the concept of time and the past and build on this in Key Stage 1, starting with the familiar: their own pasts and the past of their families. Through skilfully planned learning journeys, children explore the characteristics of time periods; learning about people’s lives during the historical period as well as historical concepts including society, culture, economy, military, religion and politics. In Key Stage 2, the children begin to learn about the earliest form of human history by studying the Stone Age and then deepen their understanding of ancient history, the Middle Ages and then modern history. The story of Britain is interwoven with studies of ancient civilizations. Children explore substantive and disciplinary historical and global concepts including community, migration, empire, civilization, continuity and change, cause and consequence, and peace and conflict.

Our curriculum plans and overviews bring together all the knowledge and vocabulary that children need to learn in order to become knowledgeable and critical historical thinkers. Within our knowledge rich curriculum, children are given time to build on the historical vocabulary they have learned to deepen their historical understanding. This enables our children to transfer knowledge and thus make links between the various periods of history studied. Our curriculum provides children with the opportunity to engage in historical enquiry, ask questions, weigh evidence and develop perspective and judgement.

Reception – Our Own Past

Year 1 – Local History Study (Woolwich and Plumstead), changes in living memory

            – Toys and Leisure, significant person: Floella Benjamin, changing coastlines

Year 2 –  The Suffragettes, Significant Individual – Nelson Mandela

Year 3 – Stone Age to Iron Age, the Victorians, Ancient Egypt

Year 4 – Ancient Greece, the Romans, The Tudors

Year 5 – Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, The Windrush Generation, World War 2

Year 6 – The Lost City of Benin, Civil Rights Movements in the UK

Humanities Overview