Eco Warriors

Inspired by the climate action happening all over the world, passionate and hardworking children at Foxfield have come together to form the Eco Warrior team. Our vision is to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future through local changes, starting within school and moving out into our wider community.

The Eco Warriors will have four main targets we hope to achieve by the end of this academic year. The first is to achieve the Bronze Eco Schools Award, where members of the team will work within school to create a more eco-friendly environment, meet regularly to discuss issues and find solutions, and make their presence around school visible through assemblies, Tweets, newsletters and children and parent engagement. Further to this, the children will aim to make their voices heard and take their ideas for action outside the school environment through protests, trips and visits and projects based on the Global Sustainability Goals.

The Eco Warriors will be working alongside teachers this year to ensure that environmental themes and issues are being addressed though our curriculum and are visible in day to day learning. Sustainable development as one of our curriculum drivers should ensure that both teachers and children are aware of the issues that affect our planet, are applying critical thinking skills in order to address these issues, and allowing the children to become change makers within the community.

Through establishing the Eco Warriors, we can ensure that children are leading the changes they want to see in the world and making sure their voices and opinions are heard when it comes to some of the most important issues presently affecting them.

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors

Pupil voice:

“Eco Warriors are people who care about the environment and keep our planet clean and safe.”

“We want to tackle global warming and climate change and take action for a better future. We need to make our voices heard and make a difference.”