Digital Leaders

This is the second year that we have Digital Leaders, a group consisting of children from years 5 and 6 who are trained to assist teachers with everyday issues (laptop updates, smart board alignment, collecting IT equipment, ect.) These skills will support the teacher with ensuring that all classroom equipment is functioning effectively, resulting in high quality, undisturbed teaching and learning.

The children will continue to work with Mr Fuller to learn how to handle any equipment that needs to be moved from class to class and how to change a smart board bulb.

The Digital Leaders will be responsible for reporting any major issues, delivering IT equipment and supporting where needed. This is so that if there are any issues during the lesson, the Digital Leaders can solve it while the teacher is teaching rather than the lesson being stopped.

The main goals for the Digital Leaders are for them to continue becoming problem solvers, taking responsibility when reporting issues and to work collaboratively as a team.

As well as this, the Digital Leaders are working in collaboration with the JLT in creating podcasts in which the children will be able to use the equipment to record their discussions and debates on various school issues.

Pupil Voice:

“I really enjoy ICT at home as I play on lots of types of computers so am confident that I can help others with any computer issues.”

“I always listen to podcasts at home and have been fascinated with how the equipment is set up and used to am looking forward to becoming a part of the team.”