Foxfield Changemakers

The Foxfield Changemakers are a team that are eager to make our community better. Together this year we learn the skills that hundreds of people have used to achieve some of the most significant social changes in history! By learning from the successes of key leaders in the past including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Emmeline Pankhurst and Mahatma Gandhi, we will be campaigning for our own vital changes in our local community of Woolwich and beyond. Through building upon the successes and connections of the team last year, the Changemakers will continue to work closely alongside the charity Citizens UK, UCL and other schools. We will listen closely to any issues that are affecting the local residents and we will learn how to create and negotiate solutions.

To support them in their ability to create change, the Foxfield Changemakers will be learning each step of the ‘Creating Change Cycle’. This includes periods of listening and planning, as well as several opportunities to take action in fun and creative ways. They will be researchers, strategists and negotiators and form good relationships with their peers and the community leaders, such as Danny Thorpe and Matthew Pennycook. This will help them to develop further as confident and articulate individuals; skills that will be invaluable in their futures.

The Foxfield Changemakers will have several aims this year and have already begun preparing for these:

  • Could the Changemakers negotiate to save the green space in Raglan Road?
  • Could they win free school meals for all children in Greenwich?
  • Could they make Woolwich a better place for all?
  • Could they have a say in the next Mayoral Election?

Pupil Voice:

“I would love to a part of the Foxfield Changemakers and be like Greta Thunberg. I think climate change is something everyone should work together to change and I would like to work on this for my future.”

“By being a Foxfield Changemaker, I can’t wait to speak to different leaders to tell them my opinion. I want my voice to be heard and things to change for the better.”