A new school year is here! We are so excited to welcome the new children starting Foxfield Nursery and welcome back the children from last year. We will begin by focusing on settling in, getting to know our classmates and becoming familiar with routines. We will teach this through games and circle time activities before starting out on our topic and core text of the term.

In Literacy, we are looking forward to starting the year with our topic “Marvelous Me”.  Our core text is “My world, your world” by Melanie Walsh will help us to investigate how we are both the same and different from our friends and what we like to do. We will also be looking at the houses we live in and the different houses that people live in around the world.

The supporting text “Funnybones” by Janet and Ahlberg will prompt a discussion on how our bodies work, exploring our skeletons and our five senses, by food tasting, smelling a variety of items and a listening walk.

The Foxfield Baby Clinic will enable the children to use their first-hand experiences to take on a role in their play. They will gain the skills of making relationships and communication with their new classmates, by dressing and caring for the babies. They will practice their mark making by booking appointments and begin to investigate number by measuring height, using the measuring chart.

In Maths this half term, we will begin our number journey by singing number songs and rhymes. We will use the Numberblocks to help us to understand the value of number. 2D shapes will be introduced at the end of half term through games at circle time and resources available for independent play in the classrooms and outside area.


  • A warm showerproof coat
  • Welly boots – for outdoor play
  • Named change of clothing
  • Spare underpants and nappies (if required)
  • Named water bottle- optional. Milk and water are in the snack area daily
  • A smile



Conker      Acorn

Jackie- Class Teacher     

Linda- Early Years Professional     

Finkie- Class Teacher

Caroline- Early Years Professional

Natalie- Teaching Assistant (AM)

           DAILY TIMETABLE                              

Morning session           Afternoon session
8.30am Self-registration and settling into activity    12.30pm
8.45am Carpet time Math/English focus (doors close)      12.45pm
9.00am Indoor free play and group work    .00pm
9.30am Outdoor and Indoor play  1.30pm
11.00am     Tidy up time    3.00pm
11.10am  Carpet time Math/English focus    3.10pm
11.30am Home time 3.30pm

Please be prompt for drop offs and pick-ups. Thank you.


Thank you in advance for all your support and we look forward to working together to make this a great year for the children.