Welcome back to another exciting term for our Nursery children and families. We have a variety of activities planned which will provide opportunities for the children to practice skills they have learnt previously and challenge them to learn new skills. The provision that we offer inside the classrooms and outside in the Nursery garden makes links to the learning at carpet sessions and enables the children to learn independently and through collaboration with friends.

Our core text this half term is the book ‘What can a citizen do?’. Our hook for this book will be covering the carpet area in the classroom with a variety of musical instruments. This links to an illustration showing a sign saying ‘no trumpets’ and a child looking sad holding a trumpet. It will prompt a discussion on being kind and taking consideration of everyone in our community; being a good citizen.

We will continue learning about our Community Heroes who include refuse collectors and builders, where we will be beginning to learn about recycling and using construction toys to practice building skills.

Finally the bear in the book will teach us about bravery. This will lead to discussions around emotions and dealing with change. We will use this to aid our smooth transition into Reception; visiting new classrooms, playground and meeting new teachers.

In addition to the Foxfield Police Station we now have our very own Medical Centre. This is enabling the children to use their first-hand experiences to take on a role in their play and practise the vocabulary that they have been introduced to whilst investigating NHS workers last half term.

In Maths this half term, Nursery will be exploring patterns linked to the Arts fortnight as they design clothes from the story, ‘Wangari’s trees of peace.’ This will then be followed by children exploring finding the total of two and starting to record their amounts or total. The learning will be through focused carpet activities and independent play. Children will also explore and use the vocabulary for finding the total and use sentence stems linking in response to the depth prompts.

The first two weeks of this half term are Arts fortnight and we will be focussing our art on the book,’Wangaris’s Trees of Peace’ by Jeanette Winter. We are exploring the illustrations in the book, looking at colour and pattern and using a variety of media to recreate them, including paint, collage and pastels. Thank you for your donations of small boxes, these will be painted and used to make our centerpiece.

Finally it feels like Summer has arrived. It is a great opportunity for us to spend more time outside. Please ensure that your child has sunscreen applied before school and they bring a water bottle in daily.

Please find below a few websites that you may find useful to explore at home with your child to support their learning in the EYFS curriculum:


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