Year 3

At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children are able to link their learning to the real world. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield we aspire to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Over the first half of the spring term, the children will learn about the River Thames by critically analysing a range of sources and drawing evidence-based conclusions. The Victorian period will be studied as they were pivotal as town planners and the introduction of the sewage system and Public Health England. The children will make connections with the significance and impact of PHE so they have a greater understanding of the local and national importance of the topic. Through a global lens, the children will discover the hidden history of the untold story of Queen Victoria and Abdul and the significance of their friendship on modern Britain. The children will be presenting their learning at the end of the Spring term, including their poems from English around Human Rights through a class assembly.

In English we will be exploring the theme of Diversity, Community and Global Projects and thinking about how children have certain rights and freedoms that allow us to have a certain quality of life that we need to thrive. Our core text will be ‘My Little Book of Big Freedoms’ by Chris Riddell, a beautiful picture book depicting The Human Rights Act in Pictures. A tribute to dignity, compassion and respect for ourselves and each other. We will use this book to build towards a poem as our final writing outcome.

In Maths this half term, we will be starting our unit on multiplication and division and deepening this learning further through the use of concrete resources. The children will be multiplying and dividing using formal written methods such as column and bus stop method. They will be given opportunities to apply these skills across a range of problem solving and reasoning challenges. As we move further into the half term, we will move on to converting unit of measure, recapping our previous knowledge and applying those skills to perimeter questions.   

In science, our topic is Forces and Magnets and we will be learning and exploring which materials hold magnetic properties. We will also experiment to be able to Understand how magnets can attract and repel one another depending on the direction of the poles. Recognising Magnets have two poles, North and South and that Different magnets have different uses and strengths. Do you know of any magnetic materials already?

This term, our Art learning journey will focus on Abstract art, linking our end piece: an abstract river, to our geography and history topic surrounding the Victorian era and the river Thames. We will explore the skills by looking at artists like the Hilma of Kilt and Monique Oliver to compare how abstract art has evolved over time. Exploring the meaning behind such creative pieces of art and experimenting with skills like pouring, to create our own.

The children will be presenting their learning over the term through a phase assembly. The humanities learning journey will conclude with the children planning a presentation around a question, through the global theme of human rights, where they will share information that they’ve learnt, justifications, poems from the English outcome and art learning they’ve produced.

In PE we will be developing a range of skills through Dance. We will be analysing different types of dance and the purpose, including how different types of dance use a variation of movements to create different styles. We will build on this by creating sequences of dance, adapting sequences based on feedback, which we will then perform to the rest of the class.  

This term, we will be learning about Hinduism in RE. We will begin to think about the different key beliefs of Hinduism and how these are significant in Hindus lives. We will compare and discuss hoe Hindus represent and believe in god compared to other religions we have studied. We will understand the relevance and meaning behind important festivals such a Diwali and Navaratri, using our recall and retention techniques to remember how we celebrated Diwali ourselves in the Autumn half term. During RSE, we will be focusing on the theme of ‘health and wellbeing’ We will begin by exploring the danger in the local environment, respecting each other’s personal space by understanding different types of touch and we will explore strategies for giving advice and problem solving.

Reading every day is essential. Please support your child at home and take the time to read a range of different texts which include newspapers, comics, fiction texts, blogs, information books. Children are encouraged to change their book every week and record their comments in their reading journal. We’ve planned for a brilliant term of whole class reading, where we will be reading and analysing a range of different engaging text types that we are sure the children will love!

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school. If you are able to visit the school or help in any way, please contact any member of the year 3 team. Don’t forget to follow all of our learning and interact with us through our twitter pages: