Year 1

Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring 1 term in year 1. We are excited for this term because of all the amazing learning we will be doing.

During this half term, the learning in year 1 will be based around the global theme of ‘Social Justice and Equity’, with a focus on links between the local community and intergenerational relationships. Over the course of the term, the children will develop an awareness of people’s emotions, including feelings about changes in their own life and locality. The children will learn about respecting and valuing other people’s opinions and they will learn that everyone should have equal rights.

In English, this half term Year 1 will be watching the film ‘Up’. The children will explore emotions and feelings. Up is about friendship across different generations and how respect is formed and earned. It is about the choices that are made and how they impact on those around the people who made the choices. The children will start off by watching a clip which is full of suspense and they will write a paragraph about that section using suspense. After this the children will write a narrative about part of the film. They will use exciting, descriptive vocabulary as well as using time connectives when each event happens. The children will identify how the characters are feeling throughout the film and this will be incorporated in their writing.

In Maths, this half term Year 1 will be building on our prior learning by adding and subtracting numbers through partitioning using the whole-part model, the bar model as well as a number line. This will then support our learning when we use a ruler to measure length and height. To extend our learning, we will continue to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s before extending our understanding of addition and subtraction by applying our knowledge to help us solve problems.

In Science, the children will be learning about plants and what they need to grow. They will find out about the different parts of a plant as well as comparing different plants. The children will learn about plants which can be eaten and about plants that cannot be eaten. As well as this, the children will continue learning about the different seasons and the weather for the seasons. They will also compare the differences between the seasons.

In PE, the children will be learning how to send and receive an object both by throwing and by kicking. They will learn how to send an object to a target using different techniques. This will be completed and practiced with a partner which reinforces their collaborative skills. Through continuous practice, the children will move in different ways as they manipulate and control objects which will help develop their hand-eye and foot co-ordination. 

In art we will be using different techniques to weave using different materials. We will start off by sketching a balloon linked to our English learning journey, then we will begin to explore how to weave in different ways. We will use different materials to weave with creating a variety of balloons which will then be collated together to create the journey that Carl and Russell made in the film ‘Up’. The inspirational artist the children will learn out about is Leonid Afremov who used lots of colour to create shadows. He also explored different emotions through the use of colour

Our RE focus this half term is Hinduism. Throughout the term we will be focusing on important features of the temple and that one god is represented in many forms. We will be learning about some of the stories that are shared and what the significance is of them. We also aim to visit a Hindu temple to see the features in person.

The history learning in year 1 will be based around the topic ‘Intergenerational Relationships’ within the global theme ‘Social Justice and Equity’.  The children will form relationships with local residents in the nursing home and enrich their learning from their experiences. They will develop their historical enquiry skills by investigating what toys different generations played with in the early 20th century. With a focus on the past and present, the children will explore what it was like to be a child in the past compared to the present. In addition, the children will identify the difference in toys from rich and poorer households.  They will use their RSE knowledge and skills to explore the themes of growing old and how they can care for those in their community.