Year 2

We would like to welcome you all back to Foxfield Primary School with an exciting new curriculum for the children to enjoy.  We have a variety of activities planned which will provide opportunities for the children to practice skills they have learnt previously and challenge them to learn new skills.

During the Autumn, the learning in year 2 will be based around the global theme of ‘Human Rights’, with a focus on equal rights for all. Over the course of the term, the children will be learning what fairness means in terms of human rights and how this has changed throughout history. We will be focussing on human rights for all through the study of the Suffragette movement. Through learning about the hidden stories of key activists in the movement the children will also learn about the diversity that existed within the time period by asking questions and analysing a variety of historical sources. We will be comparing modern day gender roles with those of the past, including how women’s rights began. We will also be reflecting on the need to respect the rights of others and how this relates to our Foxfield values and character skills. Year 2 will be creating an end of year project to share with children in Upper Key Stage 2 regarding women’s rights, and also how the Suffragette movement has impacted our current society. 

In English, this half term Year 2 will be reading our core text ‘Yasmin’s Hammer’. We will be exploring a town in Bangladesh and discussing what it would be like to live there. The main character in our story is unable to go to school due to supporting her family financially so is affected by child labour, which is our focus for this half term. Throughout the story, Yasmin dreams of going to school and, in the end, her parents find a way to make this possible. In groups, we will be discussing this decision and having a debate using the question ‘should Yasmin go to school?’ Through discussing the impact of child labour, the children will have many opportunities to compare Yasmin’s experiences to their own and reflect on her thoughts and feelings. They will be incorporating their historical and geographical knowledge to support them with justifying their opinions and evaluating the gender stereotypes that are present around the world. We will build up to writing our writing outcome of a diary entry where we will be describing a day in the life of Yasmin. We will be describing her emotions while working to support her family and her excitement at the possibility to attend a school.

In Maths this half term we will be consolidating our place value knowledge up to 100, by using different resources to partition numbers in different ways. Kevin is really looking forward to identifying different ways to partition numbers because he only knows how to partition into tens and ones at the moment. We will also be practising counting forward and backwards from any given number up to 100. During the half term, Year 2 will also be adding and subtracting numbers and identifying the relationship between the two operations. We will also be using the inverse to check our calculations.  

In Science our topic is Habitats. We will be identifying what animals need to survive in their habitat, what the conditions are in each habitat, as well as identifying the needs of animals in micro-habitats. We will discuss food chains and what might happen if the animal is in the wrong habitat. In addition, we will be focusing on our working scientifically skills and be carrying out an investigation linked to observing changes over time when an animal is given a variety of conditions based on its needs. We will predict where we think the animals will go and, through observations, we will identify if our predictions were correct.

In PE, we will be exploring movement and how we can perform a variety of jumps using obstacles safely. We will coach each other using different commands and by using our character skills of relationships. We will work collaboratively to perform and share the skills we have learnt.

During our Art learning in Autumn 1, the children will be developing their skills linked to exploring different materials to create a piece of art. We will be creating a landscape portrait of an Indian village illiciting depth of field by used mixed mediums such as sand, soil, stick, tea bags and coffee relief. This will be a large whole class piece created through modelling our school value collaboration.  Solomon is excited to using different media to create our landscape background, and he really enjoyed printing with leaves and twigs last year.

Our RE focus this half term is Celebrations. Throughout the half term we will be identifying the importance of celebrations, and also be discuss how we celebrate different events and how these may be similar or different to other cultures. We will be focussing on Chinese New Year, Diwali, Christmas, and also Eid and identifying the significance of these celebrations to different cultures. Jahnvi is interested to find out how other cultures celebrate events and if it is similar to how her family celebrate them.