Year 2

Happy New Year! We would like to welcome you all back to Foxfield Primary School to begin the exciting year ahead.

During the Spring term, the learning in Year 2 will be centred around the global theme ‘Peace and Conflict’, with a focus the Sustainable Development Goal ‘Reduced Inequalities’. Over the course of this term, the children will be recalling their learning on equal rights and reflecting on the importance of inclusion and showing respect to everyone. They will begin by developing their enquiry skills, where they will be generating questions about the influential leader Nelson Mandela. The children will then conduct their own research into his life using primary and secondary sources to develop their understanding of his leadership qualities. Through creating a timeline of his life, the children will enhance their perception of combatting discrimination and showing empathy to their peers. Throughout our journey, the children will be comparing the actions of the suffragettes with Nelson Mandela’s to investigate the different ways leaders have created change in the past.

 In English, this half term Year 2 will be reading our core text ‘Angus Rides the Goods Train’. This is a story about a greedy king and queen, who refuse to share their massive feast with the poor and deprived citizens of their kingdom. The courageous young man, Angus, disagrees with their actions and takes control of the goods train, taking the feast back to feed the hungry and thirsty people he has met along the way. The children will use this text to explore the opposing themes of kindness and greed and the importance of helping others by being selfless. This inspirational story explains the importance of the character skill of kindness and the importance of challenging actions you disagree with. The main character, Angus, also shares many similarities with Nelson Mandela and the children will connect their English and History learning by unpicking the character’s traits. For their writing outcomes, the children will be creating a detailed setting description to illustrate their own wonderous town full of hope and kindness. They will also use their knowledge of the characters to write a third person narrative, beginning by exploring the king and queen’s greed before becoming changemakers and showing the value of kindness.

In Maths, this half term Year 2 will be focusing on multiplication and division, whilst also consolidating our learning of addition and subtraction. We will also be applying our knowledge of timetables to count different denominations of money and add to create different totals.

In Science, the children will be learning all about’ Animals including Humans’. What are the basic needs of animals for survival? What are the life cycles of some living things? Why is exercise, a balanced diet and hygiene important for humans? These are all questions they will explore in this exciting topic to improve their understanding of their bodies. In addition, they will be focussing on their working scientifically skills and be carrying out an investigation linked to observing changes over time.

In PE, they will be exploring net games using their hands and tennis rackets. They will develop their ball control, beginning by catching a flying and bouncing ball whilst stationary and moving. They will also enhance their hand eye coordination, by using control when using a racket and hatting a ball towards a target. The children will then apply these skills in a simple game of catch tennis and a hitting rally with their peers.

During our Art learning in Spring 1, the children will be developing their skills linked to collage. They will be studying the artist Rachel Moore and exploring her creations made from print. They will then be investigating the shapes of different cogs, creating observational drawings of these. For our outcome, the children will practice their printing skills using a variety of items, before creating their own cog inspired pattern.

In RE, Year 2 are learning about the religion of Hinduism. They will be looking at the importance of family and festivals and the values that all Hindus uphold. They will use RE artefacts to explore the essential features in a place of worship and compare this to other religions we have studied. The children will also have the chance to visit a local Hindu temple, where they will identify the key feature and compare this with a Hindu home.

In RSE, the children will be learning about health and wellbeing. They will be learning about gender differences, identifying and naming body parts and describing how people change over time, linking to our knowledge of life cycles in science.

This half term, the children will be learning about simple programming in computing. They will be defining key computing vocabulary, including code, algorithm, command and debug, and using these to create their own programming commands.

During the Spring 1 half term, Year 2 will be focusing on ‘How does music make the world a better place?’ in Music. They will be developing their ability to recognise simple melodic patterns and will practice creating faster and slower tempos using their voices and body parts.