Year 6

It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome the children back this week after a well-deserved summer break. For Year 6 pupils this is a pivotal year, and we will ensure that each child secures the skills and knowledge that will help them to be successful in secondary school and beyond. We have lots of exciting learning and enrichment activities planned for the next few weeks - please continue reading the newsletter to find out about our curriculum provision for this half term.

As part of our global curriculum, we will be focusing on human rights and quality of life in different parts of the world. The children will learn about the importance of governments respecting and defending the human rights of citizens and will develop an understanding of current and historical human rights issues in different parts of the world.

In geography, the children will study the ecosystems found in rainforests with particular focus on the Amazon and Congo and recap previously learnt skills of map reading and using grid references to locate human and physical features of an area. We will learn about the ecological importance of rainforests and their unique biodiversity and complete an in-depth comparative study of the physical and human features of  rainforests and the natural resources that are found in them. The children will then consider the impact that colonies and colonisation has had on indigenous people and how this affects their human rights and quality of life. Finally, we will evaluate the uses of natural resources and how human action impacts the environment.

In English, we will focus on fictional writing and will be reading our core text ‘Gorilla Dawn’ by Gill Lewis. We will be using the text as an inspiration for writing diary entries, setting descriptions and narratives. We will be exploring how to create atmospheric writing and analyse an author’s language choices. We will be learning how to create action and pace in our narratives before building up to writing our outcomes.

In Maths this half term, our main focus will be on securing place value, decimals and fractions.  There will be a focus on using and applying this knowledge to solve problems in a real-life context and reasoning from known facts.  Finally, we will also continue to review our learning from Year 5 and practise key arithmetic skills. Knowledge of the timestables will be essential this term so please encourage your child to use TimesTables Rockstars to recap and review the timestables.

As part of our Science learning journey, we will learn about living things and their habitats. We will begin by learning to describe how living things are classified according to their observable characteristics and begin to group different species in an ecosystem. We will then create a classification key to group animals based on their distinguished physical features. Finally, we will explore how animals have adapted to survive in their habitat, incorporating our classification keys we produced.

In Art, we will learn to explore the impact of colour in order to create art outcomes in the style of artist Kim Guthrie. The children will be incorporating a variety of mediums, materials and tools to create a series of images using oil pastels and link this to our core text of Gorilla Dawn.

In RE, the children will learn about the diverse beliefs and faiths in Greenwich, their similarities and differences and how they work together to respond to challenges that the community faces. We will also invite different faith leaders from the local community to explain how they support vulnerable groups in Greenwich and their interfaith work.

In PE, Year 6 will be learning and developing different techniques in football. They will also engage in attack and defence training as well as tactical awareness. We aim to understand the benefits of maintaining and regaining possession of the ball.

In French, we will build on prior knowledge from Year 5 to find French equivalents for various items of clothing.  They will learn to describe clothing, give their opinions about different garments and identify what they prefer.  Looking at numbers to 60, they will also begin to ask and talk about prices.

As part of our enriching curriculum, the children will have the opportunity to visit Woodlands Farm Trust in Shooters Hill. During the trip we will learn to classify organisms, go pond-dipping and find out about the different species that inhabit our woodlands.

Reading every day is essential. Please support your child at home and take the time to read a range of different texts which include newspapers, comics, fiction texts, blogs, information books. Children are encouraged to change their book every week and record their comments in their reading journal. We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school. If you are able to visit the school or help in any way, please contact your child’s class teacher.