At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield we aspire to achieve the highest quality outcomes. This half term we continue our global theme of human rights


Through our core text ‘Malala’s Magic Pencil’ children will continue their learning about children’s rights, and how unfortunately these are not always fulfilled. Through the text, children will learn about storytelling and its power to communicate important messages to others, and specifically a child’s right to education.

To ‘hook’ the children into their learning they were immersed in different educational settings, such as forest school a boat and a bridge constructed from crates.  This prompted and provoked the children to debate their views on education, schooling and learning.

Children will use their writing and oracy skills to produce interesting and engaging scripts to perform to the camera as we create an online video sharing the children’s key learning about the right to education. We can’t wait to share this with parents towards the end of the term and welcome your feedback.


In Maths, this half term Reception will be focusing on number facts and patterns within number. Through practical activities such as teddy bear picnics, and cutting fruit to share it equally between friends’ children will develop an understanding of how to solve problems through doubling, halving and sharing. To help give the children a solid foundation in understanding number patterns we will focusing on number bonds to 10, look out for the number bond rainbow resource that children will be creating and brining home to practise.


This term we will be revising all phase 2 and phase 3 sounds;


During phonics the children will be using phonemes and graphemes to blend for reading and segment for writing.   


The ‘tricky’ words that we will be practising reading and writing are: 

I, to, no, go, the, he, she, we, my, her, with, me, be, you, are, was, all, they, have, like, come, said, do, some


Early reading is such an important part of your child’s development and progress towards achieving a good level of development. At school the children have been exploring many different books and genres, including traditional tales. Our book corners have props and story stones to encourage the children to read and retell the stories. Please continue to encourage children to read a range of storybooks at home every day and record this in their reading records.     

You can continue to use bug club to access online levelled reading books, using the link below. Bug club also contains many other books and stories that the children can enjoy with their family.


In Expressive Arts and design we will busy learning a variety of techniques for Art week. Children will be creating 3D models of ‘extreme schools’ using junk modelling and papier mache techniques. Children will be exploring the concept of identity through mixed media art techniques such as collage, printing and stencilling. Children will learn about the skill of performing as the perform a Bollywood dance and sing songs in different languages.

Please find below a few websites that you may find useful to explore at home with your child to support their learning in the EYFS curriculum:

Thank you for your support

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