School Organisation


am Nursery


pm Nursery




Year 1 to year 6


Start of the Day and end of the Day.

Year 1 children will be lining up in the lower Keystage 1 playground by their new classrooms

Year 2 will be lining up outside their classroom in the playground onto of the stairs in the Keystage 1 playground

Year 3 will be lining up in the Keystage 1 playground by the stairs

Year 4-6 will be lining up in the KS2 playground.

In the morning and at the end of the day we will have signs posts out for where the children will be lining up.  At the end of the day all children will be bought out into the main playground and released by the class teacher.   The class teacher will let the children go once they are in the main playground so that they can ensure that children go home with the correct adult.

The start and end of the day are very important in the life of a school.  Can you please ensure that your child is collected on time.

Collecting your child.

Only parents/carers that are on the contact sheet can collect your children.  If there is a change to this at any time or someone else is collating your child please let the office know. 

Visiting the School

During the school day you can visit the school via Raglan Road. If you need to come into the school at the beginning and the end of the day can you walk around to the main gate on Raglan road or walk around to the double doors in the KS2 playground.  For health and safety it is important that we have one designated door that parents can use.     This will be the double doors in the KS2 playground.  Can we also request that parents/carers to do come in through classrooms or any other doors.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.