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Accessibility Policy 11th Feb 2021Policies Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 11th Mar 2021Policies Download
Attendance Policy 21st Jan 2021Policies Download
Behaviour Policy 11th Mar 2021Policies Download
Challenge Partner Report 2016 08th Feb 2017Ofsted report Download
Charging-and-Remissions-Policy 25th Nov 2019Policies Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 19th Jan 2021Policies Download
Complaints Policy 25th Nov 2019Policies Download
Covid-19 Addendum Safeguarding Policy Ma... 01st Mar 2021Policies Download
COVID19 Risk Assessment 08th Mar 2021Policies Download
E-Safety Policy 07th Jan 2021Policies Download
EAL Policy 01st May 2019Policies Download
Equality Policy 04th Oct 2019Policies Download
Exclusion Policy 11th Sep 2020Policies Download
Expenses Policy 25th Nov 2019Policies Download
Express Yourself Letter 09th Jun 2021Letters Home Download
Feedback Marking Policy 09th Sep 2019Policies Download
Fire Safety COVID-19 addendum 01st Jun 2020Policies Download
First Aid Covid - 19 08th Jan 2021Policies Download
First Aid Policy 11th Mar 2021Policies Download
Foxfield Priorities 09th Sep 2019Documents Download
Foxfield School Ofsted Report 2014 19th Sep 2014Ofsted report Download
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 25th Nov 2019Policies Download
Governor Mark Letter 2016 07th Oct 2016Documents Download
Health and Safety Policy 05th Sep 2018Policies Download
Inspire Partnership Financial Regulation... 15th Dec 2017Policies Download
Inspire Partnership Financial Statements... 18th Dec 2017Policies Download
Inspire Scheme of Delegation 16th Mar 2018Policies Download
Intimate Care Policy 11th Mar 2021Policies Download
Lateral Flow Testing March 03rd Mar 2021Letters Home Download
Letter about the Online Reading Programm... 20th Jan 2021Letters Home Download
Long Term Plan EYFS 29th Oct 2019Documents Download
Maths Calculation Policy 2020 29th Jan 2021Policies Download
Nursery Admissions Form 2018 29th Jun 2018Documents Download
Ofsted Report October 2015 23rd Oct 2015Ofsted report Download
Positive Handling Policy 11th Mar 2021Policies Download
Primary Lunch Foxfield 25th Sep 2020Lunch Menus Download
Privacy Notice (GDPR) 25th May 2018Policies Download
Pupil Prem 2020 17th Oct 2019Pupil Premium Statement Download
Pupil Premium Statement 2019 - 2020 07th Jan 2020Policies Download
RsE (Currently being updated) 25th Nov 2019Policies Download
SEND Policy and information report 2021... 21st Jan 2021Policies Download
Trade Union Facility Time 01st Jun 2020Documents Download
Walking Home/Mobile Phone Letter 20th Sep 2016Letters Home Download
Whistleblowing Policy 03rd Jan 2021Policies Download