Challenge Partners

Challenge Partners

As we shared last week, in the first week of term, Foxfield underwent a virtual school review by visiting reviewers. Although the review was virtual, the reviewers really got a sense of the ‘magic’ that takes place at Foxfield. Leaders, governors and parents shared the incredible work that goes on in classrooms each day. The school was judged to be ‘Leading’ in all areas.

One of the key strengths that came out of the review was our community based work and the close relationships that we have with our community.  We are also proud to share that the Area of Excellence Fostering a culture of inclusion and celebrating diversity’ that we submitted was accredited by Challenge Partners.  We know that Foxfield Primary School represents a truly global community, working to achieve excellence for all our children. The collective diversity of our school community is our strength. At every level we want to see our children represented in their past, their present and their futures celebrated in the culture heritage represented by staff, governors and parents. During the review, the visiting reviewers spoke to our children about their time here at Foxfield and they shared:

“Our topics aren’t just about what teachers want to do but are about what we want to learn.”

“Our school is about diversity and equality, treating everyone the same”.

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Challenge Partners Report