Our policy is to provide pupils with regular feedback to enable them to become successful lifelong learners. Feedback must be timely, enable progress and occur at all levels. Most importantly, feedback must be well-informed, making use of accurate assessment for learning and strong subject knowledge. Feedback is provided and facilitated in a variety of ways at Foxfield, which are outlined in our Feedback Toolkit, all of which are underpinned by a Growth Mindset. Through the use of precise teaching, teachers identify which elements of the feedback toolkit would best fit learning in order to allow all learners to make rapid progress both within and across lessons. In most cases, following the analysis of the feedback, teachers will adapt their planning and/or resources for the following lessons in order to address any misconceptions, target focus groups for depth or pre-teach in order to provide support.

Feedback toolkit consists of:

  • Live Marking
  • Green Box
  • Self-Assessment
  • Honesty Sheets
  • Peer assessment
  • Written feedback

Our feedback exemplification booklet explains each strategy and shows how teachers’ model this within lessons.

Feedback Toolkit

Our whole class feedback sheet allows teachers to identify what went well within the lesson and identify next steps having focus on each specific areas such as, presentation, focus groups, SPag skills/Gap skills and identify misconceptions. This supports teachers in further planning.

Pupil/teacher voice

“Since we started using more feedback strategies in class, I have developed much more independence. Now, I spend more time reflecting and self-assessing my learning. This has made me think about how I can expand and deepen my explanation. I think this will help me succeed in the future!” Year 6 child.

When I think back to the amount of time I used to spend on writing out feedback in thirty children’s books, I am shocked that I ever had the time. With the feedback toolkit, I can use a range of strategies across a week, during and after a lesson. I am able to spend more time thinking about what I can plan to address gaps or challenge my children. As a result, the progress in my class has been fantastic, both in confidence and outcomes.” Year 4 class teacher.