Junior Leadership Team

What is a Junior Leadership Team?

A Junior Leadership Team is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and work together to improve their school.  We  follow a democratic process to elect the Leaders.  If they wish  to become a Junior leader the pupils must complete a short application form expressing why they feel they will be a member of the team. They then present their views to their class and a secret vote takes place.

Who are the Junior Leadership Team?

At Foxfield we have 2 representatives for each class that form part of the Junior Leadership Team.  In each class there are two members of the Junior Leadership Team and two Deputies.  

What do the Junior Leadership Team do?

The Junior Leadership Team meet staff every week and discuss issues that are important to the children.  They have an agenda which the create, a member of the JLT takes the minutes and another chairs the meeting.

They JLT meet with the governing body regularly to share their work with them .

They also have a higher level of input into the monitoring of the impact of the changes and improvements across the school and they contribute to the school self evaluation document (SEF)

The pupils talk confidently about the role in setting the class behaviour expectations and are clear about the sanctions and rewards, understand the difference between right and wrong and the importance of fairness

How can you become a member of the Junior Leadership Team?

Junior Leaders must model our School Values and our Golden Rules at all times.  

Below are our Junior Leaders from each class.

Year 5 - Ester, Harjit & Shyla

Year 3 - Zion


Year 6 - Sanjot

Year 5 - Nicole

Year 3 - Inaya & Taran


Year 5 - Ester & Jasmin

Year 3 - Almond


Year 4 - Chritiana & Dayan

Year 3 - Mona

Year 6 - Fatou, Roti & Tharmisan JLT5

The JLT have regular meetings focussed on a specific area in the school.  Please click on the below links to download the reports.

Outdoor Learning


Issues in year 1 and 2