Year 3

At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children can make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield we aspire to achieve the highest quality outcomes. 

In English, this term we will be reading the book This morning I met a whale by Michael Morphogo. Our core text will serve as an inspiration to explore various areas of the curriculum in an exciting and creative way, which will link to our topic theme of sustainability by conserving the river Thames. We will be writing a newspaper article based on a real-life event. We will look at including different types of speech to show different points of view.

In maths, this half term year 3 will be focusing on multiplying and dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit number using different strategies such as grid method and chunking. We will move on to look at money and statistics. Children will have the opportunity to explore and interpret different graphs using data.

In Science, we will be looking at rocks. We will be exploring different types of rocks and classifying them according to their properties. We will also be investigating how natural substances are formed and will use this to create our own fossils. To enhance our learning, we will be visiting Chislehurst caves to explore the formation of minerals and rocks.

In RE, we are learning about Sikhism with a focus on the Gudwara. The children will identify the importance of a Sikh’s place of worship and the importance of Guru Granth Sahib within their faith. We will explore the 5Ks and the significance they have within the Sikhism faith.

In history we will be looking at the River Thames and how it has changed over time. We will be creating a timeline to represent this. We will be focusing on the Victorian Era and how the River Thames was affected during this period. We will discover how the sewage system came about and how this has benefited the lives of people living in London today.

In French, the topic for the half term will be Mon Corps – My Body.  We will review previous learning, classroom objects, instructions and colours before moving onto learning basic body parts.   Then, focusing on ourselves, we will write sentences using noun phrases to describe ourselves.  

In Art, we will be looking at the artist Monet. We will be creating a water colour canvas in the style of Monet using different broken colours to create effect.

In computing, year 3 will be focusing on collecting and analysing data for a survey. We will then design our own charts which will enable us to study the data. We will then have the opportunity to spot trends and compare our data with our peers.

In music, we will work towards planning a performance using drones, chords, counter melody and rounds. We will continue to develop our skills on the xylophone. This will give us an opportunity to master an instrument and develop our confidence as performers.

In RSE year 3 will be learning about our personal health and wellbeing. We will look at the importance of being aware of dangers in the environment and how it could affect us and the community. Leading on from this we will look at the different kinds of touch and personal space.

In PE this half term we will be looking at different games which involve passing a ball through throwing and catching using our hands. We will be developing our co-ordination, agility and balance through various activities.

Swimming will happen on a termly basis.

Cherry Tree class will be swimming every Tuesday until the end of the Spring.

There will be more information to follow regarding the arrangements for other classes.

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school. If you are able to visit the school or help in any way, please contact your childs’ class teacher.