Year 3

At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.

In Year 3, this half of the Autumn term, our core text is The Hunter by Paul Geraghty. Our core text will serve as an inspiration to explore various areas of the curriculum in an exciting and creative way, which will link to our topic theme of how human behaviour impacts wildlife populations. We will be writing a first-person recount from the perspective of the main character in the book.

In our Curriculum topic lessons, continue looking at wider global issues and will be recognising that we can make a difference. This term the children will learn about the reasons why animals become endangered and how human behaviour can negatively impact wildlife populations. The children will take their inspiration from animal prints to create artwork and wall hangings to raise money for a wildlife charity. We will need to assess profitability and use the design cycle to ensure we create a quality product. We will be using our geographical skills to explore African as a continent and will investigate the physical features of this continent.

In Maths, Year 3 will be focusing addition and subtraction and will move onto multiplication and division. We will continue exploring different methods and evaluating which are the most efficient. We will then be applying these skills to a range of real- life problem solving tasks.

In Science we will continue looking at Animals and Humans. We will be learning about muscular system, lung capacity and how water is transported around the body. We will introduce the humans and animal life cycle to the children.

In PE, we will be learning about working as team and ball handling skills through our tag rugby and handball lessons. Oak class will have their swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons until Christmas.

In RE, Year 3 are learning about Christianity with a focus on the Bible. The children will explore the Old and New Testaments, the Gospels and the Ten commandments. The children will have an opportunity to have a visit from a guest speaker where they can enhance their learning around the topic.

In lower Key Stage 2, children are encouraged to read every night and record this in their reading record books. All children have access to a wide variety of books in classrooms and are encouraged to choose a book of their choice and also a book levelled at their ability. Parents can support their children's learning through reading with them every day and taking children to the local library to read about our topics.