Year 4

During Spring 2, the learning in Year 4 will be based around the global theme of 'Identity and Diversity’ with a focus on self-identity and belonging. Over the course of the term the children will be learning about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King and the introduction of anti-discrimination and civil rights laws. We will be looking into the history of these laws and the important historical events that led to change. The children will make connections with the history of identity and their opinions on their own self-identity and the importance of this. Our learning will lead to the exciting project outcome of a march and sharing assembly, taking place in school and the local area, focusing on their human rights and what they believe to be important and necessary to fight for.

In Maths this half term, Year 4 are going to be building on their knowledge of fractions. This includes; consolidating their understanding of equivalent fractions, adding/subtracting fractions, and knowing how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Then using this knowledge of fractions they will apply it to various activities such as calculating quantities of whole by separating sweets evenly amongst themselves and identifying fractions of puzzles they make.

In English this half term we will be exploring the core text ‘The Eye of the Wolf’. To begin this learning journey, the children will take a trip to the cartoon museum where they will learn tricks and skills that will aid them to create a graphic novel. In addition to this, they will use the techniques of generating questions and descriptive features to produce a setting description as our incidental write. Then we will look to recap and develop the skills required to create a 3rd person narrative for our modelled write that will reflect the voice of the character in the book.

In Science for Spring 2, the children will continue exploring the concept of sound. Building on their prior knowledge from Spring 1, the children will look at different ways of testing the distance sound travels and what materials are effective insulators of sound. We will then conduct an investigation to determine which materials would be the most effective insulators for a pair of sound cancelling headphones. We will then create these ear defenders and test them against the same sound from an instrument to determine which material is the most effective insulator of sound.

In History, year 4 will be exploring further, the concepts of segregation and discrimination. We look to deepen this knowledge by exploring issues through the perspectives of African Americans as well as the government’s policies. Then the children will plan and produce their own sharing assembly to highlight to the community their views and understanding on this important topic.

In RE, the topic focus is learning about Buddhism, this will include an understanding of community and the story of the Buddha. Then we will attempt to meditate through mindfulness activities to try to understand why followers of this religion believe this to be beneficial and then link our knowledge to other religions.

In PE the children will continue to build on their multi-skills through various activities that encourage them to use a variety of key movements. In addition to this children will be learning the skills associated with football to encourage confidence to play in matches.

In Art year 4 will be focusing on the artist Rene Margritte and his art style that encourages surrealism. We will focus on developing skills such as crosshatching and stippling in order to help create sketches of eyes as our outcome to link to our core text ‘the Eye of the Wolf’.

In RSE, the focus is on reflecting on the understanding of genders and gender stereotypes. We will then explore this through comparing similarities and differences between various animals including humans. Then we will learn about the various changes that we experience as we age from our youth into old age.

In French, The children will learn ways to express where they are going and ways of saying different types of places.