Year 1

During the Autumn term 2, the learning in year 1 will be based around the topic ‘Our Local History’.  The focus of the term is to explore the past and present community, research how things have changed over time, and having the opportunity to interview members of the community to find out more information. We will also be looking at Foxfield. We will reflect on how Foxfield Primary School has changed over time, and how it has adapted to the needs of the local area.

In Maths, this half term Year 1 will be continuing their learning on addition and subtraction. We will be looking at fact families to help us understand the relationship between addition and subtraction number sentences. We will be building on our prior learning by being able to recognise number bonds to 20. We will recognise numbers in numerals and words and will be using cubes, numicon, and counters to support our learning.

In English, this half term Year 1 will be reading our core text ‘Beegu’. We will be exploring the themes of identity and diversity. We will understand relationships and how these affect our emotions, we will do this by creating a mood graph, acting in role and building up to writing a diary entry in the role of Beegu. To do this, we will explore the characters personality, appearance and how they interact with others. We will be writing in first person, and using full stops and capital letters.

In Science, we will continue our learning about materials and their properties. We will be focussing on our working scientifically skills and be carrying out an investigation to find out which materials are best to make a spaceship suitable for Beegu so she would not crash again. We will be looking at their properties and evaluating their effectiveness as we carry out our tests.

In RE, we will be starting our Christianity topic, by looking at bibles and they’re uses. We will be learning about Jesus and his stories. We will look at the festivals celebrated and create a birthday card for him.

In art the children will be creating a skyline using different colours to create the night sky, and cardboard to create relief work. We will be looking at the artist Alexis Deacon and what colours and shapes he has used and reflecting on their art choices.