Year 1

During the Spring 2, the learning in year 1 will be based around the sustainable development goal Good Health and Well-being. The focus of the term is to explore emotions, and learn about changes in our emotions and how we can cope with them to support our well-being. We will also show an awareness of others’ health and well-being and how we can support others. Over the course of the term the children will be learning about kindness, and how we can promote kindness everywhere we go. We will be looking at acts of kindness in the school environment and at home.

In Maths, this half term Year 1 will be building on our prior learning by being able to count to 10 and recognising number bonds to 10. We will recognise numbers in numerals and words and will be using cubes, numicon, and counters to support our learning. We will also begin to look at addition and subtraction through partitioning using the whole-part model, and the bar model.

In English, this half term Year 1 will be reading our core text ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’. We will be exploring the themes of friendship and kindness. We will be learning to generate sentences around an illustration and to describe a character. We will build up to writing our writing outcome which is creating A Guide to Kindness, which will recommend ways to show kindness.  

In Science, we will be learning all about material and their properties. In addition, we will be focussing on our working scientifically skills and be carrying out an investigation to find out which materials are best to create an umbrella. We will be looking at their properties and evaluating their effectiveness as we carry out our tests.

In Art the children will be creating strip collages, linked to our core text. We will be using the colours and images from the book to create our own collages. We will be also be looking at how our emotions are portrayed through colour and create some mood boards to show how we are feeling.