Year 6

At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children can make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield we aspire to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

As we move onto remote learning, all children will be able to access their work on google classroom. All children will have the opportunity to engage with the new topics that we will be learning this term.

During Spring 1, the learning in Year 6 will be based on the global theme of peace and conflict with a focus on inner peace and international relations. They will explore the triggers of a key international conflict (WW2) and analyse the events that led to the declaration of war. The children will explore the key figures involved in the war and how their impact can be viewed from different perspectives. The children will also think critically about the omission of the stories of the contribution from soldiers from all over the Empire. Why are they not mentioned and celebrated as widely as other figures? The children will analyse and identify propaganda and the influence it played in the outcome of World War 2.

In English, the core text for the term is visual text ‘Dunkirk’. The children will be working towards writing diary entries from the perspectives of the main character at the start of the film as he experiences his journey through the towns of Dunkirk to the beach. Children will explore the characters’ thoughts, emotions and feelings at different points in the excerpt and will continually review and reflect on their writing as readers and as authors. The children will then be introduced to various types of propaganda during WWII such as newspapers and speeches from different perspectives in which they will then create their own propaganda speeches as though they were leaders whether or not to join the war. 

In maths this half term, year 6 will be focusing on shape and space, such as angles, translation and area and perimeter. They will be learning how to effectively use a protractor to identify and measure different sized angles from acute to reflex, to look at congruent angles as well as solving maths problems involving angles. They will be progression their knowledge of coordinates from previous years to work on translation, the movement of a shape from part of a grid to another. Lastly, the children will be finding the area and perimeter of compound shapes, as well as investigating shapes that include triangles. They will use their knowledge of formulas to find the most effective ways to measure these. They will then reflect on the learning and consider their useful learning mistakes.

In science, year 6 will be learning about light through analysing how it travels in straight lines as well as creating and recording an experiment to show how shadows behave, how light is reflect from various surfaces and how objects are seen from different light sources.

In art, the children will be working towards creating a canvas in the style of Picasso’s Guernica painting depicting the effects of the lead up to World War Two in Spain. The children will focus on monochromic media by contrasting black and white in order to highlight the dark nature of war.

In RE, the children will be using the programme of LYFTA to learn about life as a journey and understand how different religions and cultures experience and celebrate loss and bereavement. We will look into detail how families in the LYFTA programme how they experience and accept grief as well as how they work together as they move on from the loss of someone.

In PE, the children will be developing their flexibility, strength, technique and control in gymnastics. They will then create their own sequences by combining all the techniques they would have learnt and critically analyse each other’s performances.