Through our topic ‘Choices and Voices’ the children will learn about thongs which are fair and unfair and the importance of speaking up for your rights. Children will reflect on the struggle of Malala, a girl fighting to go to school.

To develop their communication and language skills children will have a variety of role-play opportunities across the three classrooms focusing on rights. Maple class is representing the Right to Education and has a school roleplay.  Chestnut class is representing the right to be Healthy and has a hospital roleplay. Walnut class is representing the right to be Safe and has a police station roleplay.


This term in maths the children will develop their knowledge of 3D shapes as they explore the properties practically by building and engineering through own 3D structures. Children will also be working on their bonds to 10 using the part whole model with object and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Finally, we will complete the term exploring data in the forms of tally charts and bar graphs, based on the information collected around children’s ideas and opinions on rights.


Children will be writing mini speeches to share their feeling about fair and unfair treatment of people. Using the magical story of Malala children will use their imagination to envision what they would do to change the world and protect human rights.

We will be reading a range of books related to Human Rights such as, ‘Malala’s Magic Pencil and The rights of the child. Through these texts, children will learn about the power of storytelling to communicate and share important messages. Children will continue with guided reading sessions once a week looking at how stories are structured, the use of rhyme, and how to find information from books.

We will be starting a stay and read morning running every Thursday 8.40-9.00 to provide an extra opportunity for you to share some new stories with your child and give children the chance to simply read for pleasure.

In Understanding of the world, we will be completing investigations, looking at floating, sinking, and separating materials to attempt to create clean water from dirty water. We will continue to use first-hand experience to explore the world around us during our time at Forest school.

In Expressive Arts, the children will be developing their knowledge and skills of the colour wheel as they explore emotions through colour. During this term the children will be exposed to the works of the artist Van Gogh as they explore the ways in which colour is used to express feelings in paintings. Children will create their own abstract artwork using colours to express feelings and emotions. 

In music, the children will explore how music can express emotions and feelings. They will have the opportunity to listen to different music Rhymes and other counting songs. They begin to explore instruments as they match different sounds to a variety of music from around the world.

During PE, the children will begin a unit of gymnastics to develop their balance, ability to negotiate space and jump safely.