At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield we aspire to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

This term in literacy, we will be focusing on the core text ‘Let’s celebrate!’ which is based around the global theme of ‘Identity and Diversity.’ The texts will allow children to develop an awareness of their own culture and that of others enabling them to understand the value of every person. In Class Winter Celebration performing dances and songs from other cultures. Children will focus on the presentation and oral delivery of familiar poems before learning about themselves and others cultural celebrations. We will be working on our ability to use the sounds we are learning in phonics to record simple words as we learn about the world and a poem to celebrate the cultural diversity in our class. We will continue daily phonics and begin small reading groups with the children to put their knowledge of sounds into practise.

In preparation for our new topic, please share with us if your family’s heritage and culture, including what countries you are from. If you speak another language at home, we would love to know how you say ‘hello!’ You can send these in using a video or poster.

In Maths, this half term Reception will be focusing on number value, ordering numbers and finding the missing number. We will also be looking at one more and one less and begin to add small numbers together using objects and numicon. In addition, we will be looking at pattern, including patterns in shape and number. We will continue to review our learning on shape space and measure as we look at time and simple ways of measuring time.

In Understanding of the world, we will be investigating and testing different materials and exploring their properties as we create a variety of different scenes from around the world. In addition, we will using first-hand experience to explore the world around us as we begin our time at Forest school.

In Expressive Arts, the children will be developing their skills linked to collage and textiles. They will explore a variety of cultural art such as African art, Rangoli patterns and Chinese blossom art. As part of the art learning journey the children will be learning how to sketch a plan and transfer this pattern in print onto a tote bag.  

During PE, the children will have the opportunity to express themselves and build on their dance skills as they learn how to move their bodies to different cultural dances, by building their own routine. We will be learning Bollywood, African and Hakka dances. Please note that our PE day is a Tuesday this half term and your child will need to have their PE kit in school. Please ensure that all items of kit are clearly labelled.

In music, the children will continue to build on matching actions to songs as they practise increasingly challenging nursery Rhymes and other counting songs. They begin to explore instruments as they match different sounds to a variety of music from around the world. Riddles and rhymes will also form a large part of our music and literacy curriculum as we explore poetry from our core text.

Please find below a few websites that you may find useful to explore at home with your child to support their learning in the EYFS curriculum:

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