Year 5

At Foxfield Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for all in a cross-curricular way. This ensures that children can make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through the high expectations of everyone at Foxfield, we aspire to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

As we move onto remote learning, all children will be able to access their work on google classroom. All children will have the opportunity to engage with the new topics that we will be learning this term.

During Spring 1, the learning in Year 5 will be based on the global theme of ‘Peace and Conflict’. The focus of the term is on developing an understanding of the impacts of conflict and creating a shared understanding of refugees and asylum seekers. The children will understand the wider causes and effects of the conflict in Myanmar (Burma) and will explore the concept of non-violent protest in society and how they are used to bring about political change. The children will also look at the inequality on a more local level as well as learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the important role of citizens, societies, and governments in defending people’s human rights. The children will challenge viewpoints which perpetuate inequality and injustice. The curriculum learning journey will allow children to develop positive attitudes and a sense of solidarity for people who are suffering human rights violations. 

In geography, the country in focus for the term is Myanmar as it is where the characters in the core text ‘The Bone Sparrow’ are from. The children will learn about where Myanmar is located and recall key geographical terminology and map skills learnt in Autumn term. The children will focus on the human geography of Myanmar and will explore the cultures and traditions of the country. Children will then go on to make comparisons between Myanmar and Sudan, the locality in focus last term.

The children will also learn about political borders and the associated advantages and disadvantages such as the concept of asylum and statelessness.

In history lessons, the children will learn the important milestones in the history of Myanmar in order for them to gain a wider understanding of the events that led to the recent conflict in the country. The children will also have the opportunity to study the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement by learning about the events of the civil rights movement and the introduction of the 13th amendment. The children will research, discuss and present their findings to the class and will consider how their learning has given them a greater understanding of the characters in the core text. 

In English, the core text for the term is The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon. The children will be working towards writing diary entries from the perspectives of different characters in the text who live in a detention centre off the coast of Australia. Children will explore the characters’ thoughts, emotions and feelings at different points in the story and will continually review and reflect on their writing as readers and as authors. The children will be hooked into the book by comparing and analysing the illustrations of the three different covers, making predictions of the themes and motifs by analysing the art. 

In maths this half term, year 5 will be focussing on multiplication and its application in real life contexts. They will be gaining an understanding of finance and insurance in the learning journey and will be making judgements on the best offers by applying their multiplication knowledge through comparing different rates. The children will also be building on their division learning from year 4 by representing their understanding using both concrete models and written methods. By the end of the term, the children will carry out a budget investigation based on a typical adult annual income, incorporating their multiplication and division learning. They will then reflect on the learning and consider their useful learning mistakes.

In science, year 5 will be learning about the properties of materials through observing and recording changes in materials and carrying out fair test to identify which materials would be best for a refugee survival kit: blankets, clean water, clothing, tent material, bedding, utensils, toiletries

In art, the children will be working towards creating a canvas using recycled natural materials and cardboard to depict life in a detention centre. The artist they will be learning about is Alwy Fadhel. 

In RE, the children will be learning from the Sikh religion with a focus on social and cultural similarities and differences between Sikhism and their own faith and other world religions they have learned about in previous terms.

In PE, the children will be developing their flexibility, strength, technique and control in gymnastics. They will then create their own sequences by combining all the techniques they would have learnt and critically analyse each other’s performances.