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Years 3/4

  • Can you guess what animals we have made?

    Can you guess what animals we have made?

    In year 3 we are working towards making our own ‘Stone Age’ clay pot. Over the last 2 weeks, we have been using play dough to practise techniques ready to apply to using clay. Have a look at our creations. Can you guess which animals we have made?

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  • It's a Mystery!

    It's a Mystery!

    This half term, year 3 have launched there new topic of 'It's a mystery!'. There have certainly been some strange things going on in all of the classrooms... A mystery parcel was delivered with intriguing objects inside. There was also a code to crack with a message reading 'Help me! JH' Keep watching the website for more updates as year 3 try to solve the biggest mystery Foxfield has se...

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  • Ice Trap

    Ice Trap

    To finish our topic on 'Ice Trap' year 3 went on a trip to the Imax cinema at Waterloo. They went to watch a fantastic 3D documentary called 'To the Arctic'. The children were able to be transported to the heart of the North Pole. There was snow, ice, waterfalls and polar bears! The 3D experience really brought the topic to life.

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  • Acer Class read with their Parents

    Acer Class read with their Parents

    Acer made the most of the lovely weather to use our rooftop terraces to read with their parents.

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  • The Bugman Visits Year 4

    The Bugman Visits Year 4

    As part of our Planet Earth topic, we were fortunate to have 'Martin the Bugman' visit us and show his wonderful array of wildlife. We learnt a bundle of new facts and got a hands-on experience with all the creatures! This massively helped us understand adaptation and the importance of conservation.

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  • Year 3 visit the Thames Barrier

    Year 3 visit the Thames Barrier

    Year 3 went on an exciting trip to the Thames barrier as part of our topic 'FLOOD!'. We were able to see how London prevents flooding. It was interesting to see how the barrier was build and how it stops rising water from reaching central London.

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  • Mary Poppins Art

    Mary Poppins Art

    Year 3 are back to the topic of Mary Poppins and what better way to engage the children than to create our own chalk pictures to jump into!! The children are now really excited to write their own fantasy stories. I wonder where their picture will take them...

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