Members of the public

We are always incredibly proud of our children, and the way the behave when they go on education visits.  So we are always very happy to receive emails, letters or phone calls from the public telling us how fantastic and well mannered our children are.

October 2015

Our reception children visited the Sikh Temple in Woowich this week, and we received this lovely email from them
Hello Elizabeth.
It was a sheer joy meeting the little angels, teachers and I think parents as well. Hope everybody enjoyed themselves.
Our members who served food were very happy and said please do come again.
Kuldeep Seehra MBE
General secretary

May 2015

Good afternoon,

I attended the abovementioned event on Monday and had the pleasure of participating with 8 delightful pupils from your school:

Sydney, Ahmid, Larisa, Cruz, Bryany,  Shanique, Lucien, and Tyler

They had to fill in feedback forms  and I was most impressed with their handwriting. The children were a credit to your school with their behaviour and attitude to the events on the day.  They then went on  to win the trophy for participation, team spirit and motivation which clearly made their day. I can still see their beaming smiles.

I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did.                                                                                                                       

With kind regards,


Kim Shead


Dear Mr Carpenter,

I was at the World Diving Championships today with my school and I had the pleasure of sitting next to your PE teacher and a group of your children. The behaviour from your children was superb and there were lots of schools around who weren't!

I thought you would like to know what a great example your children were for you today as well as your PE teacher - neither of us could believe some of the other schools around us.

Best Wishes

Angela Parker

Sports Leader/Year 3 class teacher

Gillespie Primary School


March 2015

Dear Headteacher,

I felt I must write to let you know that I had the privilege to see members of your school at Cannon Street station and going on to the underground. The children and staff seemed excited happy to be travelling on the underground.

The children's behaviour and the relationship between them and their teachers was wonderful. They are a credit to themselves, their teachers and the school. I hope that they had a great day at the Science Museum.

Best wishes

Sue Robertson-Glasgow



Dear Headteacher,

I was accompanying pupils from my school at the Science Museum today and was so impressed with the behaviour of some of your pupils that I just had to write to make you aware. The pupils in question were four girls from Beech class. One of our pupils had accidentally taken a chair from their table and in response they were so polite in dealing with the matter to the point that all four girls finished their lunch quickly and kindly offered us their table. I was so taken aback by their impeccable manners and generosity.

You should be very proud of them as they were true ambassadors for your school and set such a wonderful example to our pupils. Please pass on the message to them and their teacher. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Sami Bashir
Assistant Headteacher
The Eldon Federation