What other leaders say


"Dear Claire, Megan, Tatum and Rupinder

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you regarding our visit of 8th July 2016. You made us so welcome and for that we are very grateful. We all gained so much from the visit and have been very busy following up a  number of trails which started on that day. You are doing a great job and the children are a testament to this. We will keep in touch as we make our own journey of school improvement. Have a great summer and enjoy (well deserved).


Terrence - Hartley Primary School"



Dear Rob

Thank you very much once again for opening Foxfield to United Learning Staff on our Group CPD day on 1st July.

Many United Learning Staff have now been to visit your school and all of them leave so enthused about further developing their own practice and impressed by what you continue to achieve.  We value our partnership with you greatly and we look forward to continuing our work with you.

Best wishes

Darran Lee

Primary Director or United Learning



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A comment from one of the leaders taking part in the Primary Leadership Programme

I would highly recommend the Primary Leadership Programme to any senior teacher/leader who has a passion for learning and sharing best practice. This series of innovative, research led CPD has had a profound impact on me, and is a must for anyone wanting to become a better leader. This course really is a means to help leaders succeed and go on succeeding."

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and am looking forwards to working with the Foxfield/Woodhill family in the future.

Best wishes,



Comments from the Course -Leading in KS1 - Building a Culture of Excellence

“The course was engaging and thought provoking, supported by current resources”

“Speaker was engaging, shared good practice which helped to bring the ideas alive.  Good to have a speaker who has the experience of being in a similar environment/same experiences”.

“Excellent practical ideas to take back and implement in school”

“I learnt how to drive and push a culture of excellence, to promote consistency throughout every class”

“Learnt the importance of a shared cohesive approach to teaching and learning”.

“I now feel I have the confidence to discuss issues with school management and be more proactive.”

“The venue was very welcoming.  A calm and lovely place to visit.”


Comments from the Primary Leadership Course on the 26th February

The guest speaker gave lots of “food for thought” around developing leadership skills, as well as lots of useful resources/tools to use in the future”

“It was great to have guest speaker delivering a session.  I have enjoyed exploring duel practicing NEFI ART model amongst others”

“Great session – liked the feedback/difficult conversation.  I liked the sharing of leadership focus and what has been done, which gave clearer clarity”

“Great session by Andy Buck.  Useful to learn NEFI ART and try this out.  It’s a good strategy to take back and use if needed”

“The session with Andy was very informative and inspiring.  I now feel better equipped to deal with difficult conversations.  In the afternoon, the session unpicking the action plan was great for my own professional development”

“The session by Andy Buck was very useful – Particularly the ideas on giving difficult messages/feedback.  Idea for sharing practice ideas across schools is excellent and should be developed”



Some comments from the Primary Leadership course, led by Rob Carpenter in February 2015.

 “It made me reflect on what my vision would be/is regarding teaching and learning, giving no clarity.  The coaching model and role play was valuable.  Relationships and leading by example are crucial to bringing others on board”

“Good discussions with one another and to challenge each other’s thinking”

“I enjoyed participating in all of the discussions and role play.  The focus on coaching models was particularly useful.  The sessions provided opportunities for reflection on my own leadership”

“Fantastic learning about leading teaching and learning in our own schools”


“Sharing good practice with colleagues regarding philosophies in teaching and learning.  Role play on how to give feedback was also very useful to reflect on”


“The session on delivering feedback was particularly useful and made me reflect on how I will give feedback in the future.  More food for thought”


Comments from January 2015

“Through our discussions, Learning Walks in schools, the staff meeting that you took and the documents that you shared, you helped me to really focus my thinking upon learning, both within teaching and the way in which the environment played such a key part in supporting this. This enhanced my vision. I now regularly refer to the classroom as being the 'silent teacher' - a phrase that I learnt from you. The impact has been a real drive on learning, reflected in the language used by staff and children, the quality of teaching, the environment and the marking”


“Feedback marking is developing, with greater focus upon positive comments as well as improvement points. The 'Feedback Marking' document provided useful guidance on what to write for improvement / development / application points which have been applied well. This is an area we continue to improve”


“The clearer Steps to Success have improved not only the quality of the teaching modelling but also the quality of peer assessment as children are more aware of what to focus upon when giving praise and improvement points”


“The language of learning is now far more prominent, both being modelled by staff and through the voice of the child which now features on all displays on speech bubbles”.


As a staff, through our focus upon learning - learning environments, teaching, assessment, feedback marking, etc. - we are now able to tell our story - a really important aspect. Expectations have been set and are clear and they provide a useful means of assessment criteria in their own right. Everyone knows what the standard is, where we're heading and that we're on a journey - everyone's on the bus”


Robust structures result in rigorous monitoring of teaching and learning. This ensures the learners are making accelerated progress, I have seen clear evidence of this in books on my visit to the school.

Leaders are approachable, expectations are clear and concise and all staff feel valued as learners and professionals”


Thank you for inviting us to see such a vibrant learning community, where it is clear that everyone is committed to providing the best outcomes for the children.  We are inspired by the way the children’s knowledge and understanding is deepened and embedded from lesson to lesson.  It is refreshing to spend quality time with a leader who is able to articulate the vision and philosophy with passion"

A fantastic meeting with like minded leaders.  I loved the vibrancy of the school; beautiful, purposeful and calm. The behaviour of the children was excellent."


This has been an inspirational day.  We are leaving full of ideas and are very excited about what the future holds.  There is an incredible buzz of excitement at the school and the learning environment is totally stunning.  Thank you to senior leaders, staff and pupils for sharing your wonderful school with us."


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