Visitors to Foxfield

January 2018

Today, with my business Immersive Theatres, I delivered a 7m digital planetarium experience in six sessions to 100 Year 1 pupils at Foxfield Primary School. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and found the hall prepared just as I had requested. The morning was well organised with all groups arriving on time. The excited but well-behaved students enjoyed a rich selection of content: peering up at the planetarium night sky, visiting the International Space Station, handling a meteorite and learning about both the Solar System and the various types of stars. Thank you Foxfield Primary for a very pleasant visit.
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June 2017

Hi Idil

Just wanted to thank you again for the invite to your science fair. We loved our visit to Foxfield and came back brimming with enthusiasm and ideas (and a little envy).  Our two guides gave a friendly and informative tour of the school so please pass on our thanks to them too. The science fair was complete delight. The children were so articulate it was really difficult to judge. What really stood out what how easily they were able to talk about not only the outcome they were presenting but the process it took to get there, including how they overcame setbacks.  As stated we felt that the y4 entry really stood out – it did have the wow factor but what impressed me was how children were able to talk about the different designs and why some were better.  The year 1’s were really highly commended though, for how effectively they were able to talk about their designs and the choices they made to create their living walls. I was particularly impressed with how, when a teacher suggested using a bucket to get water into the watering hoses, a child said, “not a bucket, that won’t work. It needs to be a funnel so the water gets in.”

A real pleasure and hopefully the first of lots of cross school visits.

Kind regards


Nicola Ryder

Deputy Headteacher

Beecroft Garden Primary School


May 2017

We have had a visit from the John Hampden School who were blown away with what they see.  To read their feedback please click here

Dear Ms Bansil,

Regarding your legendary team at Foxfield.

I feel your team are legends and have been extremely supportive at challenging even the most troubled families and children to succeed.

I work closely with Corina, Wendy, Kenny and Ruchi. They are hard -working, and highly professional. In my opinion your team are exceptional offering outstanding education changing children's outcomes by supporting and advising parents and carers understanding the barriers your school community face. Your team take the luck out of the system and create first class education for all in your care.

Your office team and site managers exceptional too. I also work with Rita who is highly focused and professional with such a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in safeguarding and is first class by being able to answer every question I have and give solution focused user friendly solutions.

Yours sincerely 

Joanne Howcroft-Scott


March 2017

Thank you so much for coming over, really interesting and very useful.  We felt very privileged to be on the receiving end of so much wisdom.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards

Claire Mcafie - Wilberforce Primary School


Wendy Luttrell recently hosted a ASD training day for school professionals.  Please click here to read their feedback.


January 2017

"Thank you all for allowing us to watch your Christmas Performance or "Whoopsie Daisy Angel" All the residents and staff at Ashgreen House Carehome, enjoyed themselves so much and were talking about it for days after.  You all really looked after us and made us feel welcome.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas"

The Residents of Ashgreen House Care Home


Ever since we have been graded outstanding we have been inundated with requests for people to visit the school and find out about our journey.  We always try to help in any way we can, whether that is by sharing our experiences with them in the school or reaching out to them and offering support.

We are extremely proud of one of the schools we have supported as they have just been judged Outstanding in all areas. We never doubted it for a second, but we are very grateful for the below email from the Headteacher thanking us for our contribution.

"Hi Rob / Rupinder,

Happy New Year, I hope you are both well?

I wanted to send a brief email to let you know that we had Ofsted last term and were judged as Outstanding in all areas. The reason for me wanting to let you know is that I have no doubt that your collaborative support was a significant factor in us achieving this. Your generosity in giving up some of your time to work with us is something that we are extremely grateful for and I hope you gain comfort from the fact that 655 children in a Kent school are better off for us working with you.

If we can ever do anything in return, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Many thanks,



November 2016

"Just dropping you a quick line to say an epic thank you for hosting our Heads Team yesterday at Foxfield and Woodhill.  We were UTTERLY blown away by the quality of what we saw and think we've found a kindred spirit.  It was an incredibly inspiring day.  Do pass on my gratitude to all of your team - I'm sure they are all sufficiently reflective to know how fantastic both schools are, but its still always nice to have that feedback from someone whose not that close.  Thanks also for the hospitality -  you were so welcoming and accommodating".

Sir Craig Tunstall - Gypsy Hill Federation

Please click here to read the feedback from the Gypsy Hill Federation's Team


July 2016

"Dear Claire, Megan, Tatum and Rupinder

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you regarding our visit of 8th July 2016. You made us so welcome and for that we are very grateful. We all gained so much from the visit and have been very busy following up a  number of trails which started on that day. You are doing a great job and the children are a testament to this. We will keep in touch as we make our own journey of school improvement. Have a great summer and enjoy (well deserved).


Terrence - Hartley Primary School"


Dear Rob

Thank you very much once again for opening Foxfield to United Learning Staff on our Group CPD day on 1st July.

Many United Learning Staff have now been to visit your school and all of them leave so enthused about further developing their own practice and impressed by what you continue to achieve.  We value our partnership with you greatly and we look forward to continuing our work with you.


Best wishes

Darran Lee - Primary Director United Learning


June 2016


"Hello Carrie,

It has been a few weeks since I visited Foxfield and I wanted to update you and thank you for accommodating my visit.

I have taken into consideration the level of consistency in all the year groups I visited and plan to have the same expectation in our EYFS department.  The commitment of your colleagues is something I wish to embed here at Winsor.  I have also magpied some of the classroom set up ideas as well as ideas to improve our school's image to the world.
Good luck on your continued journey and I hope you have a well deserved rest in the summer.  Once again, thank you for you sharing your story."
Best wishes,
Pauline - Winsor Primary School​



"You have a lovely school and your children are so well behaved."

Jackie - Boxgrove School


May 2016

"Your School is amazing.  All Staff, Children and Parents love seeing it shine.  I see the whole school community loving how children's work is displayed and celebrating children's achievements.

Thank you all for being so inclusive to me with my disabilities, Keep up the fab work, you deserve to be outstanding!"

Jo Scott - Waterside

"Thank you for opening up your school for is to see, The experience has been so insightful and will definitely have an impact on my practice.  This is an amazing school and all staff are so friendly"

Visitor from Plumstead Manor School


April 2016

Feedback from South Gloucester Council Schools Excellence Day

March 2016

Feedback from the Virtual Schools Excellence Day

February 2016

Feedback from Whitefield Infant Schools Excellence Day

January 2016

Feedback from Elaine Primary Schools Excellence Day

November 2015

Timbertree Academy Feedback from their Excellence Day.

Loose Primary School Feedback from their Excellence Days


October 2015

An Absolute joy to be in a fantastic, supportive, creative and friendly school.  You should be very proud of yourselves!

Head of Waterside School.


Hi Rob

Massive thank you today. Was fantastic to see your schools and what a wonderful job you're doing! I came back to Langford inspired and full of ideas.

Many thanks again

Seamus Gibbons

Langford Primary School


June 2015

Hi Rob,

Hope you've had a good weekend. I just wanted to mail and say 'Thank you' for having us at Foxfield on Thursday.  Your staff are wonderful, passionate practitioners and your children are wonderful! We were so excited, and buzzing with ideas by the time we left. None of us could stop talking about what we had seen. We were all making changes in our classrooms on Friday! 

Please pass on our thanks to Rupinder and to Megan and Tatum for taking the time to make us feel so welcome and for sharing so openly. 

Take care,


Timbertree Primary School


"Thank you for letting us walk around such a calm and happy learning environment.  We will take lots of ideas back with us"

Riverview Infant School

"I visited the school and I was very impressed at the management of the children's behaviour, the children appeared very happy.  The environment was inspiring and it looks likes a very lovely place to work."

Marilyn Tilbrook - Family support co-ordinator 


"I have attended a number of schools around London and can share praise and inspiration at what an amazing school this is, core beliefs, ethos, values and the welcome I have received has been wonderful.  The children appear receptive to the culture and rules set and I have had a very enjoyable day here.  I look forward to returning."


Hi Rob,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for making the time to meet with me and show me round Foxfield last Thursday.

I found it a really useful experience and great to see such a vibrant and well organised school. I was really impressed with the consistency on display right through the school from reception up to year 6. I wanted to learn a little bit more about what a good school looks like and I could definitely see that in Foxfield compared to some of the other schools I’ve been in!

I loved the set-up in the classrooms and, as you mentioned, the quality of the materials used throughout the school to display the work for all to see. You could sense a really strong learning environment in every part of the school and a consistent approach to managing behaviour, which was probably among the best I’ve seen. It felt to me that there is a clear sense that teachers are singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak, in the level of consistency on display - I’d say that must come from establishing a coherent set of expectations which is well understood by the staff. Having read the last Ofsted report it is clear the school has come a long way in such a short space of time.

It would be great to be able to get more people from United Learning schools along to witness the good practice on display at Foxfield. As mentioned, I was hoping to be able to arrange an excellence visit for some of our head teachers, but it would certainly be beneficial to get teachers along if possible. Could you please send details of the programmes you mentioned you are running at the school in case there was a possibility of getting teachers on those courses.

Thanks once again to yourself and Rupinder for taking the time to speak with me. If you would like further testimony on any aspect of my visit let me know as I’d be happy to comment further.

Many thanks,



"What a lovely school, the children are engaged and involved.  We had such a wonderful time with Years 5 and 6 and their lovely teachers"


"I presented Australia and Didgeridoo workshops to year 3 and 4 classes. I was impressed by there outstanding knowledge of the subject and by their listening skills.  Thank you also for the nice lunch"

Johnny Cope


"When looking to relocate to London, Greenwich and the East of London were not an area that I had considered .  However after looking at the website and ethos and opportunities Foxfield School has to offer, I thought it was an opportunity that made me reconsider my location choice"



"Hi Rob & Rupinder,

I met with Andrea & Ali  this morning.
Lovely people who were desperate for some creativity in their schools.   
I think we struck up a pretty good relationship but I'm yet to send them any plans on paper so we'll see.
I cannot thank you both enough for the introduction.  The fact that Andrea & Ali both really admire you two makes the recommendation even more relevant as they use you both as a benchmark for excellence.  My job is made so much easier with your support.
Best wishes and sincere thanks.  It is very much appreciated"
Tom Wates

"To everyone at Foxfield, Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome!

Keep the way alive"

SF Said


"Thank you Foxfield for hosting an author event with SF Said, and inviting Pea Green Boat Books to join you! Such a lovely school from students, to staff, to your beautiful premises.  Today was perfect.  Thank you also for communicating so well with your children’s families.  It was a real treat to see so many Parents and Carers excited about meeting an author and reading his books!  We would be delighted to work with you again and will email you soon with a list of authors who are available for school visits in the near future"


Pea Green Boat Books.


"Thank you for inviting us to see such a vibrant learning community, where it is clear that everyone is committed to providing the best outcomes for the children.  We are inspired by the way the children’s knowledge and understanding is deepened and embedded from lesson to lesson.  It is refreshing to spend quality time with a leader who is able to articulate the vision and philosophy with passion"

Mrs Lindi Nejrup  & Rachel Nevins-Stanford

Silverdale Primary School.


"Thank you for a wonderful visit.  I was so impressed by the quality of displays and the calm, focused attitude of the children.  Courtney and Dylan (2 Members of our Junior Leadership Team) are a credit to the school!"

Rachel Hadfield


"Thank you for the invitation.  I enjoyed seeing the new building and meeting the alert and well-informed children who had lots of interesting questions"

Phill Rogers - Vicar from St Johns Church


Roy Coleman the Head teacher from Nightingale school visited our school on the 15th January and had this to say:

"A fantastic meeting with like minded leaders.  I loved the vibrancy of the school; beautiful, purposeful and calm.

The behaviour of the children was excellent."


On the 14th January we had some visitors from Swindon Academy they left us with some wonderful comments.

"This has been an inspirational day.  We are leaving full of ideas and are very excited about what the future holds.  There is an incredible buzz of excitement at the school and the learning environment is totally stunning.  Thank you to senior leaders, staff and pupils for sharing your wonderful school with us."

Ruth Robinson - Principle

Mandy Sturman - Headteacher

Andrea Blackmore - Headteacher

Alison Wilson - Assistant Headteacher. 


The Junior Leadership team from Woodhill Primary School come to visit us to see how Foxfield's Lunchtimes compared to theirs.  To see their report please click here


"WOW! what a fantastic school.  The learning environment and learning behaviours are exceptional.

The progress in the books is outstanding.  Thank you"

Jeanette Brumby - Executive Headteacher of Hazeltine and Fairlawn Schools.


"Dear Rupinder,

It was so good to meet up with you on Friday to discuss not only the Foxfield's individual referrals to Waterside, but also the school's general approach to positive behaviour management.

The systems you now have in place are obviously having a positive impact on not only the general ethos and climate of the school, with clear expectations of behaviour, but also meeting the needs of those children with challenging behaviour.

As we walked around the school, I observed children engaged with learning in their classes, children moving around the school sensibly, and children being supported individually in shared areas throughout the school.

It was obvious as we toured the school, that you have built up very positive relationships with both staff and pupils and you took every opportunity to reinforce your high expectations as you interacted with the school community.

I know you are keen to further develop  your staff's skills in delivering  Positive Behaviour Support and weekly circle time lessons. As discussed I can offer a one day BILD accredited course for around 30 staff for Positive Behaviour   Support and a twilight session for circletime. Let me know some dates and I will do my best to accommodate them.

You also identified several children who you felt had specific needs in terms of managing their own behaviour and would benefit from a referral to Waterside Outreach support. Again as soon as  we receive those referrals I will do my best to action them for you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

Teresa Jackson
Deputy Head Waterside School
Line manager Waterside Outreach service"


"Hi Claire,

Just wanted to say thank you for putting up with me yesterday. It was nice to see how you guys work and you made me feel very welcome.

Thanks once again."


School Receptionist (Woodhill Primary School)"


"Today I visited Foxfield and was welcomed by photos of children clearly engaged and loving learning.  The entrance looks very professional and welcoming.  I spent the day in the Foxfield Unit which caters for individual differences, they use a variety of teaching stragegies to maximise student outcomes.  Different learning styles are catered for, Staff are very enthusiastic patient and very professional.  The latest techniques in brain science are used to maximise the development of students as US Professor John Medena discusses in his research Brain Rules.

Gary Lutrell (Head Teacher Sydney Australia)"


"I Visited Year 5 girls today, There fabulous and asked some good questions - not as many as usual as they had learned alot during their half term at Plumstead Manor.

The school is looking amazing! When I came last year the work was still ongoing.  At last you have the great facilities that you all deserve.

Best wishes

Sue Flanagan (Headteacher Plumstead Manor)"


"Really enjoyed working with parents, children and staff in th e-safety workshops.  Excellent standard and receptive and welcoming staff.

Many Thanks

Peter (Strictly Education Ltd)"


"A thoroughly uplifting and enlightening experience.  It was a pleasure visiting and a very beneficial literacy moderation.

Sara and Russell (Mulgrave Primary School)"


Hi Rupinder and Rob

I just wanted to email you to say what a pleasure this last week has been.  Going with years 5 and 6 to the Ahoy Centre was brilliant.  Each day every single person, teacher, TA and child was a pleasure to be with.  All the staff where so keen to get involved and this really rubbed off on the children who also got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It's not really my place to say at all but each staff member in the phase was amazing and really showed the public and centre what a brilliant school Foxfield is.

The children were all praised so much from the Ahoy Centre and they were all without exception fantastic ambassadors for the school.

I thought that you probably only get emailed about the bad and boring stuff so hopefully this will be a pleasant change.

Basically I want to say thank you for a lovely week in school.

Kind Regards

Stan Colomb (Supply Teacher)