January 2018

During our last parents evening we asked our parents to complete a postcard letting us know what has gone well for their child this year.  Here are a few snapshots of what was said:

·      My child enjoys coming to school to see all of her friends and teachers

·      **** has settled into year 3, **** has had some learning difficulties and I felt she was struggling.  Her class teacher quickly made me and Ava at ease and had the right support put in place.

·      My child as learned a lot.  He was improved physically and mentally.  Writing, reading knowledge has improved too.

·      His attitude to learning has really improved.

·      Jessica has been struggling and the kindness and support she gets from staff has helped her confidence a lot

·      His handwriting has improved as well as spelling.  He is enjoying studies more and he loves his new teacher

·      My child is happy here

·      My daughter is very happy coming to school and talking about her learning at home.  I am very pleased with her presentation and depth of learning

·      He has improved his handwriting

·      I am very impressed with my child’s work.  He has improved very much.  His writing maths and English

·      She has improved her writing and her English

·      His behaviour has improved greatly and the teacher has done well to encourage him to behave.  His handwriting is really good now too.

·      I am pleased to see how well my child has improved in class especially in English.  Thanks to all the teachers and the entire Foxfield team!

·      Adam is doing really great in reading.  I’m really pleased with his class teacher and 1:1 teaching assistant

·      My child is very happy in all subjects and is happy with teachers and friends.  She enjoys coming to school which makes us very happy.

·      My child has done well.  Thank you for taking your time to teach him every day

·      My child is able to write and read the alphabet and numbers up to 10.  He is learning new worlds too.

·      He has improved his listening and speaking in English

·      She is able to read short books, and sounds the words every time at home.  She tells what she has done in school. 

·      They helped him by reading, writing and sounding out letters


Dear Mrs Garcha,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support that Foxfield Primary School gave my Grandson XXXX. XXXX started XXXX XXXX XXXX in September 2015.  He is in set one for all subjects except English which he is in set two. Within a week of being a pupil at XXXX he was elected to the position of class councillor and Captain .  XXXX prepared a presentation unaided to explain why he was a suitable candidate, and to why people should vote for him.  As you are well aware XXXX started Foxfield in XXXX he as a very shy sad little boy, however I believe that because of the guidance /patience and devotion of all the Teachers /Teaching assistants/admin staff,  not only XXXX but every child is given the opportunity to be the very best student that they can be regardless of social problems or background. The schools ethos was reflected in the last assembly attended by the year 6 Children and their families Every child’s progress was celebrated.  Whenever I visited Foxfield I saw happy polite children. Educationally speaking it is apparent that Foxfield set the bar high and the children achieved good Sats results.  I would like to thank Mr Mustafa for his dedication to hard work, and his kindness and compassion shown to my grandson I would like to thank also Mrs Baines and Mrs James.   I wish to thank Mrs Garcha, for the pastoral support that you have given XXXX and my family in the role of a teacher and a safeguarding officer. I would like to wish Foxfield Primary every success in the future.

Kind regards


Names have been blanked out for data protection purposes.



Dear Miss Bansil,

I've just been looking at the school calendar and see year 1&2 have a school trip to London zoo planned for the end of term. As a parent I really like that they get to go on so many trips, they love it and it's just encouraging that the school obviously value these additional educational opportunities. And it's great that you are taking advantage of being in London, there's so much available on our door step that so many children would miss out on if you didn't take them.

They are both really excited about their trip to "the dinosaur museum" next week.

Thank you

Becca and Paul Bickley, Ernest and Arthur's parents

"I had a lovely time in my English lesson today and everyone is so friendly.  The course is really going to help my learning and then improve my children's learning as I will be able to support them with their homework"

"Thank you for the very helpful phonics training provided by Foxfield Primary School,  It will help me have a better understanding while helping my child at home"

"After the training given I feel I am now able to help my child more at home.  I feel really empowered.  Thank you"

"The training is an eye opener on how to teach my son in reception.  Being my first child I feel this will also help me effectivly with my other two children.  I look forward to more training sessions"

"I feel a big change in my daughters attitude towards her work and presentation, her confidence has grown in massive amounts and come home talking about new expreiences and has a different level of enjoyment.  I would like to thank her teacher and support staff for all the hard work that has gone into making my daughters time at school very positive"

"My name is Helen Olaiya and I am writing on behalf of my daughter.  I am using this opportunity to say a very big thank you to Foxfield Primary School for doing a great job teaching my daughter. We love you all and will miss the school."

We had some lovely comments from parents who attended one of our coffee morning

"Lovely smiley faces to greet you on a cold morning with a great cup of tea"

"The support staff at Foxfield are always very friendly and helpful"

"I am so excited about the change in my child's behaviour since she started this school.  She has improved in so many ways.  She always comes home telling me what she has learnt."

"Firstly I would like to appreciate the fact that the school environment is so inviting and encouraging with all the beautiful decorations all over the place.  Any child would love to be in such environment.  My child has grown so quickly in many areas in such a short period of time. 

You are doing a great job, keep it up"

We have had some nice comments of parents who accompanied their childrens classes on a school visit recently.

"The Children behaved excellent , and looked like they enjoyed the show and interacted very well.  The show itself was very good and had lots of chances for the children to get involved.  overall it was a great educational school trip and was also very funny for both children and adults."

Claire Lyel (Parent of a child in Acer)

"The show Robin Hood was very funny.  The first musical performance I have ever been to and I will go to another again. The children from Foxfield behaved in a very well behaved manner and it was a pleasure being with them today.  It was a pleasure being with them today."

Paul Vince (Parent from a child in Acer)


On the 22nd October we help a fantastic parent's workshop designed to help their children with maths.  We had some great feedback.  Please click here to see some of the comments.


"Can I just say, Maddie(TA)  you are brilliant.  If there was a medal you would get it!

Mr Rookes (Parent)"


"My daughter’s confidence has grown in the last 6/8 weeks. She now comes home and talks about new experiences and has a new level of enjoyment.  I would like to thank her teacher and support staff for all the hard work and effort that has gone into making my daughter’s time at school very positive"


"Benny is improving well in school and has learnt many new things. I am looking forward to more improvements in the near future."


"I am pleased with the progress my child is making and I hope that this continues.  Thank you for all of your hard work."


"Thank you so much. I am very glad to hear that my children are improving and that the teachers are pleased with them.  The school has changed physically and improved academically.  Very pleased with the progress."


"Just keep up the good work.  Soon the school will be one of the best in the local area."


"The teaching standards at the school have helped my daughter to improve tremendously in her learning and understanding. The school has created an inclusive environment for the student’s which is key to their learning."


"I see that my child has improved in many ways, especially Maths and English."


"I am really pleased with the way my child is improving at school.  Very impressed with the way she is being taught."


"I like the teaching methods you are using.  Keep it up.  My child is really improving."


"I was so pleased to receive a postcard from my child’s nursery about his progress.  It actually brought a tear to my eye.  I am so happy with everything that the teachers at Foxfield do for all the children.  You should be congratulated on the changes that have been put into place.  I am proud to say that my son attends Foxfield Nursery and hope that he goes on to attend the main school."


"Thank you to the teachers whom patiently take care of our children.  Well done for the excellent progress this school year."


"My son received a good report and I appreciate the efforts of the teachers.  I can see my child learning and using the concepts learnt in school at home.  I also received some great feedback on how to help my child at home.  Thank you to the teachers for staying late for this meeting after a very long, hardworking day."


"My child has settled in very well at Nursery.  I like the school.  The staff are always there to help if you have any questions."


"My son is starting to enjoy school a bit more.  He talks about what he has learnt and shows a new interest is learning new things."


"I am very impressed with my daughter’s performance; she is well behaved and has changed a lot.  I am also very impressed with the way the teachers communicate with parents."