What People Say

what people say


We would like to share some of the fantastic comments we have received from people who have visited our school.


A group of senior leaders from Sheffield joined us for an excellence day. They shared:


Your pupils are a real credit to the school-I was so impressed with their ability to articulate their learning.


I have taken many ideas away for further development of staff leadership at my own school particularly linked to collaboration.


A very clear culture embedded throughout the school-leaders, teachers and pupils. All teachers and pupils have a clear pride in what they do.


Leaders have a clear vision that everyone is a leader and plays a role in improving pupil outcomes.


Your school is amazing! Everyone within the school lives and breathe your vision!

We hosted a whole school INSET for Broughton Fields Primary School teachers, focussing on our global curriculum on 18th October 2019.
Please read our visitor's reflections from the day:

“Bottom-up planning means that the staff feel valued and listened to. They have ownership of the curriculum.”

“They have a clear vision and it appears they knew what they needed to do to make a difference and they know exactly what they need to focus their time and effort on now,”

“The way everything was well researched, trialled and evidence based. Trust in teachers to plan and deliver the curriculum.
That planning as a team and professional dialogue around this was valued.”

“Global curriculum topic themes which culminate in the children somehow making a difference and realising that they can change the world – so powerful.”

“I enjoyed their research and the fact that each staff member was required to take some on in order to further their own practise, as well as that of their colleagues. This is a really personal and effective way of doing CPD on a minimal CPD budget.”

“Curriculum – Global themes – Emotional connection to topics that really appeal to the children so that they are more engaged in the learning and care about their learning.”

More Comments from Vistors:

What a welcoming environment you have! It is clear that there is high expectations for all children. The children are calm throughout the school.

I have been really inspired by your curriculum approach. I want to start making our topics more applicable to the current day.

I've been really impressed by the consistency of standards and presentation throughout the school. Not just physically but the children's level of vocabulary and social confidence as they shared their learning with us. 

Thank you for sharing your school