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November 18th 2019

Welcome to Year 1.

Year 5 have been focusing on the global themes of ‘Sustainability’ with a specific focus on sustainable communities. We have been looking at the village of Awra Amba, located in Ethiopia. To further explore how the community functions, we used an immersive experience to connect with the members of the village, in order to understand the journey of the cooperative and what enabled it to become the success that it is.

In addition, we looked at the different features of the country and the village, focusing on human and physical geography. Following this, we discussed how the physical geography impacts on the human aspects of trade and economic growth of the community. The children made comparisons between the jobs and created by the locals of the village and those which are available within our local community. We looked at their manifesto for sustainability, which highlighted the values held dear by the people of the village: “All the values that our communities live by, including gender equality, right to education, entrepreneurship and caring for others are building blocks for a sustainable future. While we have a desire to grow economically, we put equal emphasis on the wellbeing and happiness of our people.” 

Within the village of Awra Amba, the textile industry is a lucrative business, by which much of the villages income is generated. In order to gain a better understanding of the functioning of the cooperative and the importance of the values modelled by its inhabitants, year 5 will be designing, manufacturing and selling sustainable items of clothing during the Christmas performances. To better understand the textile market in England, the children visited the Art Print Fayre, that was held at The Royal Arsenal. Here they had the opportunity to explore rich fabrics and prints and experiment with creating their own patterns. 

The history of the country of Ethiopia is going to be explored through the core text of ‘A long walk to water’ by Linda Sue Park, which explores the true story of the ‘Lost boys’ of Sudan, who were refugees, forced to travel Africa on foot in search of the families or safety. During English, we have been writing a missing person’s report, which has included details of the conflict and the reasons for the war and fighting between North and South Sudan. The children used the core text to better understand the thoughts, feeling and emotions of the character of Salve – one of the lost boys – and the other characters involved in the mass fleeing.

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