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November 11th 2019

Welcome to Year 1.

In Autumn term 2, Pine, Juniper and Hazel classes continued their learning journey of identity and diversity by identifying where we belong within our community. Our new core text is ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon, and we had the opportunity to make predictions after watching a spaceship crash video in the classrooms.

We then proceeded to look at the cover of the book and produce emotive language to describe the character’s possible feelings.  We used our previous learning of art and looked at the colours to help create a mood vocabulary bank. We described the darker backgrounds of the cover as scary and sad and the buildings as gloomy and spooky as they were out of proportion. One of the children described the character as being lonely and apprehensive. This is a great start to our learning journey as it is evident that the children’s vocabulary and confidence has grown.

Our learning in Curriculum has been focused around our local community and comparing Woolwich past and present. We have been exploring the similarities and differences and have enjoyed looking at old photos of Woolwich and comparing it to the Woolwich we know now. We have had the opportunity to question a visitor that has lived in Woolwich for over 20 years and has experienced the changes that this town has gone through. We have used chronological language to justify why an image is from the past or present and order images on a timetable.

We began our science learning by looking at the classification of different animals. We have looked at videos and pictures to identify mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles. We then began to look at the differences between wild and domestic animals and have visited our forest school to categorise objects that are living and non-living. This was very exciting as the children had the opportunity to bring the classroom outside and making connections to real life.

We began this term by counting in 2s and exploring the 2 timetables. The children are still focused on ordering and developing their counting skills, counting forwards and backwards 0-20.

Furthermore, the children began learning about the concept of subtraction. In fluency lessons they have used concrete resources to help them understand the concept.

Additionally, we have been using vocabulary such ‘subtraction’ and we were able to find synonyms for the same i.e.: Take away, minus, less. Through investigations we were able to articulate our learning using the extended vocabulary