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Year 1 Autumn 1 Blog

October 4th 2019


Welcome to Year 1.

During Autumn term 1, Pine, Juniper and Hazel classes have been learning about identity and diversity within our community. We began our learning journey by discussing what makes us unique and the different communities we belong to.

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Our hook for our new core text of ‘The day you begin’ by sharing items that are special to us and how things become special to us when attached to a memory or a person. This was a really interesting way for us to start thinking about what makes us similar and the differences between us. We also smelt lemons, tasted marmite, listened to birds singing and looked at images to generate sensory language to help us work towards our English writing outcome of a setting description. This was exciting because we described each thing individually and found some of us enjoyed tasting the marmite while some didn’t which reminded us that we are all individuals with different tastes and reactions to things.

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Our learning in Curriculum has been focused around our local community and comparing Woolwich today to Woolwich in the past. We have been exploring the similarities and differences and have enjoyed looking at old photos of Woolwich and comparing it to the Woolwich we know now. We used iPads and Atlases to identify the location of Woolwich, compared to the main character of our English core texts location to become aware of our place in the world and our community. We have also discussed human and physical geography features and identified different features in Woolwich. This has been very exciting as we are learning more about our communities and about the area in which we live.

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We began our science learning by looking at the weather and how the weather changes at different points in the year. We had fun acting out the weather in each season and predicting what the weather will be like in the upcoming weeks.  We then began looking at animals including humans, starting with the classification of different animals and we were fascinated to learn about all the similarities and differences between the different types of animals.

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We began this term by exploring number sequences to 10. The children focused on ordering and developing their counting skills, counting forwards and backwards. We made the most of the wonderful weather and took our learning outside to explore place value. 

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Additionally, we have been using vocabulary such as ‘greater than, less than and equal to’ and we were able to find synonyms for the same. Through investigations we were able to articulate our learning using the extended vocabulary.