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Year 1 Summer News Blog

June 14th 2019

During summer term 1, Pine, Juniper and Hazel classes have been learning about sustainable development and human impact on the planet and our oceans. We began our learning journey by allowing the children the opportunity to show empathy towards the animals in the ocean. We found sea creatures covered with plastic and rubbish and were asked to think of what they might say to the humans if they had a voice.

We also hooked the children into our new core text of ‘Dougal the Deep Sea Diver’ by dressing up as divers, with goggles and rubber rings, and going on a deep sea adventure around the classroom, describing what we could see and hear. This was a really exciting way for us to start thinking about the oceans, and also using vocabulary that would help us retell the story as our English writing outcome. Our final stories included a variety of time adverbials, noun phrases and exciting adjectives.

Our learning in Curriculum has been focused around the negative impact of human activity on the planet and the oceans, especially the use of single use plastics and how these are affecting our environment. We learnt about the journey of single use plastics and why they are so harmful, and began to look into alternatives, such as reusable water bottles, lunchboxes and plastic bags.

Our aim as a year group is to bring about change in the recycling habits of both children and staff at Foxfield. We are going to research the current practises in classrooms and the kitchen and find out what we can do to help Foxfield be more eco-friendly. We will record all the information we find in a leaflet and share this with local schools in the area.

We have been able to show our value of forgiveness and resilience in a variety of situations, and have been given opportunities to think about these values both in our learning and outside of the classroom. Our class ambassadors have been very busy sharing our wonderful learning journeys to the many visitors we have had to the school. They have asked lots of questions and we have been able to give clear and articulate responses.

We began our science learning with the exciting events of STEM fortnight. Our first two weeks of the summer term were dedicated to designing, building and evaluating a piece of furniture made from recycled materials. We all brought in plastic bottles from home and tried to put them to good use. We had so much fun testing our chairs at the STEM fair and were able to evaluate the usefulness of the product as well as suggesting how it could have been improved.

We then began looking at animals including humans, starting with an exciting way to learn about the parts of the human body.

We then moved on to looking at the classification of different animals and were fascinated to learn about all the similarities and differences between the different types of animals.

In maths we began the term by learning about measurement; length, height, weight and mass. We had some exciting lessons where we had to use our learning to put ourselves into height order, and weigh objects using scales.

We then moved on to multiplication, starting with counting in tens using concrete objects such as cubes and numicon. This allowed us to be really successful when problem solving and reasoning as we had practised our learning first in a practical setting. We were really good at making arrays for multiplication and using them to write repeated addition number sentences. 

Finally, we used concrete objects to begin learning to divide. We ended the term with a practical task of sharing an amount of cubes and trying to make sure everyone had an equal amount. We discussed the challenges we faced whilst doing this.  

We are looking forward to continuing and deepening our learning of sustainable development and making a positive impact around the school and our community in summer term 2.