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Year 5 Summer Blog

May 10th 2019

Welcome to Year 5

To begin the summer term, we had STEM fortnight, where year 5 and nursery were working on global goal 2 – zero hunger. We identified a problem – that there was a huge amount of food being wasted during the school day by both children and adults. Once back in class, we investigated the amount of food that is wasted throughout the UK and we were shocked to discover that households alone throw away 7 million tonnes every year! This is then left to decompose in landfills, which contribute to greenhouse gases affecting our planet daily. In order to cut down this waste, we decided to look into sustainable ways of food recycling and came up with the idea of building a composting system in our school.

We decided to place it near the allotments, so the compost created could be used to fertilise other plants – hopefully to eventually use during fruit tuck and lunch time! We collaborated with the nursery classes to construct this system by measuring and sawing the planks of woods to equal lengths and screwing them together using hand drills. We have now started to fill our compost with the appropriate food waste and brown material and look forward to watching it develop into compost in the future.

After observing the problem, we decided that we must raise awareness throughout the school of the impact of food waste in our environment. In English, we described and illustrated the composting process to support others in using our system. Next, we used computers to create posters to explain the importance of disposing of food waste efficiently. At the end of our journey, we planned and delivered an assembly to KS2 to raise awareness and explain the purpose of our project. We hope this will encourage others to follow in our footsteps and problems associated with food wastage.

During this journey, we also explored the process of decomposition and the amount of time it takes for different materials to decompose. It was upsetting to realise that plastic can take up to 1000 years to fully biodegrade, which links to current government initiatives regarding single use plastics. As this was connected to our topic, we opted to create a step by step guide to inform others (within our school community) on how to recycle correctly.

As global change makers, we aim to encourage member of our community to become eco-friendly and take better care of our environment. By creating our composting system, we hope that more people will support our goal of reducing food wastage in our environment.