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Year 1 Summer Term Blog

May 6th 2019

Welcome to Year 1.

During Spring 2, Pine, Juniper and Hazel classes have had such a busy and fun filled term. We went on 2 school trips and had some amazing outcomes for both maths and English

We also finished our curriculum journey that focused on social justice, equality and human rights within the context of children refugees. During Spring 1 we had written letters to Tesco, asking them for donations for our “Welcome Boxes”. We also contacted GRACE, a local charity that helps refugees in Greenwich. We had a lady called Sarah come and visit and she was stunned and over whelmed with the generosity, hard work and determination that we had shown. Children were able to show their knowledge and understanding as well as showcase a short display of the learning journey so far.


Our core text this term has been “The Robot and the Bluebird” by David Lucas. Our topic theme is “A safe home” and this combines both English and Topic beautifully. The book is about a bird that finds shelter in the broken heart of a robot so links with what we have been learning about refugees and how they feel when they find a safe place.

  We thoroughly enjoyed exploring our new story and learnt yet another text type. We drew on our existing skills such nouns, adjectives, time adverbs and conjunctions. Our learning outcome was to write our own exciting story about a robot so we had to use some new skills such as writing in the first person, using verbs and introducing a secondary character. This was so much fun and we relished in the fact that we could be creative and write these stories

Our first trip of the term was linked to Religion. As Easter was fast approaching, we were looking at Christianity and some stories from the Bible about Jesus and his Disciples.

To give our learning some context we went to St Alfege’s Church in Greenwich. This was a place rich in history and we got to talk to the Vicar and he was able to show us around despite all the construction work. We then visited Greenwich Park where we had a picnic and enjoyed the glorious weather!