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Year 2 Summer Term Blog

May 6th 2019


Welcome to Year 2.

During Spring 2, Ash, Sycamore and Plum classes have been learning about gender equality and children’s rights. Our core text was called ‘Hermelin the Detective Mouse’ by Mini Grey, a book about a mouse who helps the people in Offley Street, however, they have no idea he is a mouse. When the residents find out, they are very unkind to him. We wrote a persuasive letter to the people of Offley Street informing them how unkind they were and that they should apologise. This linked to our topic around equality and human rights because we wanted people to realise it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you still have the right to an opinion and a choice.



In our project, we used our skills to explore all about the rights that children and young people have. We decided we were going to create a leaflet to hand out to the community in Woolwich. We wanted to share that child labour still exists in this century and that we would like to prevent it from happening. We hoped to share our knowledge to prevent the community from buying from stores who purchase items form companies who use child labour as a means of creating and making their wares.


In RE we were studying Christianity and the Easter story. We found out about different characters and symbols. We learnt about what happened to Jesus and we acted in role to recreate the story. We then empathised with the character.

  In art, we researched about David Hockney and how he joined images together to form one image. We used this idea to create an image of a child looking through a magnifying glass to look at bugs. This linked to our core text of ‘Hermelin the Detective Mouse’ because detectives use a magnifying glass and there were also different types of bugs and pests in the book. We cut the paper into sections and we drew our design, we then used chalk pastels to make the image of the boy blurry and we used paint to make the bugs stand out. After, the pieces were put back together then attached to a canvas to create one complete image.
  In science we had a new focus on materials. We investigated the properties of materials before deciding to make a chair out of newspaper that would be able to have a teddy bear sit on it and not collapse. We found this to be quite tricky because we only had newspaper, masking tape and scissors to make the chair. We had to work collaboratively to create the chair. We found that if we rolled the newspaper into tight bundles the stronger the chair became. Only one chair could hold the bear for a short time, all the other chairs collapsed

In maths we continued to recap our previous learning as well as look at fractions of a shape and fractions of a number. In addition, we looked at time using our knowledge of the 5 times table to help us work out how many minutes past the minute hand was.

In the summer term we are looking forward to deepening our learning around our topic of sustainable development and what we can do to help the planet become more sustainable. We will be sharing our learning by holding an exhibition of what we have found out and what we have made.