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April 1st 2019

Art at Foxfield

At Foxfield each year group use different media ranging from paints to collage to create their art outcomes. These outcomes are linked to the year groups topic based on the global goals.

Reception have just had their first art gallery where they displayed and sold their art pieces based on the artist David Hockney. The children took lots of photos of each other then they placed them in an order of their choice. They then created a photo montage of themselves.     

Artblog2 Artblog3

Currently Year 5 have been using coffee grains mixed with different quantities of water to form their background.

"Something I like about doing this art is that its very creative and unique. However, I didn't like the way I could only use 3 colours because it came out quit dark. It was quite tricky to use and paint with because it dried fast. I felt encouraged to try different media to make colour, so I will encourage others to do the same."


Year 4 have been designing masks

before starting to make them out

of card using relief. To do this they place

pieces of card on top of each other

to form different levels of depth.



Year 2 have been practicing different shading techniques in

preparation for them to sketch bugs. The shading techniques

will be used to add extra detail to the insects they choose to draw.


If you would like to come in and support us with our art creations, please speak to your class teacher and they will be able to inform you when they will be doing art.

Additionally, ‘Art Fortnight’ will be upon us soon and we would value your support and time. Please let us know if you would be able to come in and support your classes.