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Year 6 Autumn News Blog

December 17th 2018

Welcome to Year 6.

We are Beech,Elm and Willow Classes.


After delving into the theme of ‘Peace and Conflict’, the children in Year 6 analysed the global refugee crisis and decided to lobby an MP to take more pro-active action. The children wrote diary entries from the perspective of two Nigerian political refugees from our core text – The Other Side of Truth – written by Beverley Naidoo.


She even tweeted us back:

On the final day of Autumn 1, Matthew Pennycook MP delivered an assembly where he was asked questions by both the children and adults from Foxfield and Rockliffe Manor. He stated that it was the hardest and most challenging assembly he had delivered because of the poignant questions asked. He was impressed with how much awareness the children possessed of a current global tragedy. Matthew Pennycook ended the assembly by reminding the children how privileged we are to be in a position to even discuss such matters openly as freedom of speech is not to be taken for granted.


Throughout both terms, children in maths have been encouraged to showcase their learning through reasoning prompts and to justify their answers with proof as well as applying their learning to real life contexts.




For our Art outcomes, we used Hessian and painted directly onto fabric (as well as using pastels) in the style of artist ‘Nike Davies-Okundaye’. See our attempts below:

year6aut.7 year6aut.8