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Year 4 Autumn News Blog

December 3rd 2018

Welcome to Year 4

We are Acer, Cypress and Palm tree.

During our English lessons this half term we have been using the core text Christophe’s Story to identify how we can be inspirational through adversity. We have looked at real life inspirational stories and quotes to generate ideas to create our very own inspirational speeches. We even had the pleasure of listening to the inspirational story of Musharaf Asghar.

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At the start of the half term in Maths we consolidated our subtraction skills. We then moved on to perimeters of shapes and applied our knowledge to real life concepts. We are now focusing on multiplication, where the children will need to use their knowledge of times tables up to 12 to reason and problem solve.

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In Science we have been exploring electricity by drawing and constructing simple circuits and the children have just investigated which materials are conductors and which materials are insulators. We are looking forward to creating our very own light up quotes that will be seen on our displays.

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For Art we have been inspired by the artist Aelita Andre. We have explored how to show emotions through mark making and colour to build the skills to create an abstract expressionist painting.


As part of our curriculum lessons we have analysed our core text and looked into the history of the Hutu and Tutsi conflict. We then used geographical skills to identify where Rwanda is on the map. We made connections with our main character Christophe and how he could be an inspiration to others. We generated positive, emotive words to use for an acrostic poem and created inspirational quotes. Over the next few weeks we will hold an inspirational week where we will be sharing our learning across the school.