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Foxfield Junior Leadership Team

December 12th 2017

Since the JLT (Junior Leadership Team) started this term they have connected 46 pupils, now the JLT spreads across both Key stages 1 and 2. There have been several meetings with the JLT discussing on the presentation of books, how the school could be improved and how more work with the Harbour could be done.  

Another topic that was discussed on the amount of children like and dislike each lesson and for what reasons they like/dislike each lesson. Maths was a highly loved subject by all children and that was because of the involvement the children have in the lessons and that the fact that the lessons our so fun and engaging to take part in. Along with the fact that the children could see an outcome at the end of a maths lesson and show that they have understood their learning and now can interpret this into the rest of their maths lessons. 

A lesson that wasn’t loved by all the children was Art; the children didn’t like this lesson as much as the other lessons because of the fact that were was a guideline to follow within the lessons and they wanted to have the freedom to express their art. 

For more information on our Junior Leadership Team please see their page on the website.