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Foxfield News #2

March 11th 2016


Beech class went trampolining at Plumstead Manor after accepting an offer made by Mr Metcalfe. They were all very excited and they all made lots of friends from the school.

Aaliyah: "It was an amazing opportunity!"



Year 6 wrote up their narratives based on their core text, The Woman In Black". They have been working really hard this term because of their SATS are coming up next term. We hope that they will succeed and that all their hard work pays off.



Pen licences are on a roll. More and more people have been getting a pen licence due to the improvements in handwriting. At Foxfield, we encourage people to make an effort with their writing.



A few chosen Year 4 student were able to go on a trip to the Crystal Palace Sports Stadium for a festival of sport. They came to school at 8am for an early start. Thursday was also the day where children were able to audition for the school choir. Good luck everyone. 



Today, Year 2 are going to the British Museum to explore all the old cultures of London. Older year groups have been there before and loved the place.

That's all from this week's news. Tune in next week.


Aisha, 6 Elm

Aaliyah, 6 Beech

Victoria, 6 Elm