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Foxfield News #1

March 4th 2016


We have received pictures from Swanage when the year 5's stopped for food. Back in school, the rest of year 5 are planning on making boats. How exciting! They are researching facts about the Cutty Sark and turning them into a poster.



Yesterday the children who went on the school journey went to the beach. Better not freeze. They woke up early this morning to start a brand new adventurous day. Follow them on twitter and view their online blog. In school they are making an effort on their rafts which are looking good.



Today at school we had the Foxfield radio playing with our brand new speakers. We had some of our favourite tunes playing live from the studio. Meanwhile at Swanage, they had a fantastic time at Corfe Castle which inspired them to make some castles out of lolly sticks.



Year 5's have made an incredible start to their boats but they have only got until tomorrow to finish. Back in Swanage, they are having a lovely walk out on their way to the smuggler's talk session where they taught about smugglers back in the day.



Hope you had a lovely time in Swanage year 5 but unfortunately it's time to come home. Safe journey home. Friends and family can't wait to see your faces again. The other year 5's have completed their quest just in time.


Aliyah, 6 Elm