Year 2 Maths Adventure day with Sir Martin, the Knight, was enjoyed by all. It started off by six teams sitting in front of the Queen of Mathzania. She was on her way back to her kingdom but she was concerned that it was messy and she asked Sir Martin and his bunch of visitors if they could tidy it up.


We agreed that we could help, so we set about our tasks. We had to help a robot traverse through a maze. The robot had to be programmed by the children, to ensure it was going in the right directions. The children decided whether it moved forwards, backwards, turned left or right and they chose how many places it would move before allowing it to set off on its journey.

Maths4YR2 Maths5YR2 Maths6YR2

They also had to collect all of the leaves. When they collected them, they completed number bonds to ten. In addition, they decided whether the numbers were odd or even. To challenge the children further, the children could multiply the numbers or add them together. Aisha told me that she liked using the leaf picker to collect the leaves because she didn’t always know which number would be on the leaf. Saki and Sakthika said they liked making their number bonds to ten with the leaves. Whereas, Nirab enjoyed working out the odd and even numbers.

Maths7YR2 Maths8YR2
Maths9YR2 Maths10YR2

After this task, the children had to make the queens necklaces out of different shapes by completing complex repeated patterns. To extend this, the children then had to match shapes to a puzzle, but they could only use the shapes that had numbers sentences on them, that all equalled the same. For example, if the answer was 6, they could use 4 + 2, 8 – 2, 10 – 4, 1 + 5 and so on. 

Denises’  mum  said this was an amazing task for the children because it really made them think about where the shapes should be linked to their answer.