Early Years Foundation Stage Spring News Blog

It’s been such an exciting start to the new year in the Foundation Stage at Foxfield! 

Foxfield Primary Nursery - Acorn and Conker


Nurbk1 Nusery Bk2 Nurbk3

Recently many of our children have shown a strong interest in the outdoors, and especially how plants, flowers and vegetables grow. In response, our focus this term is “Let’s get growing”. This topic will allow us to develop an understanding of where our food comes from and how to care for living things and the environment.

Our role play den has been converted into a greenhouse and garden center. This will give children the opportunity to explore a variety of fruit and vegetables, and practice their early reading and maths skills as they price up and sell produce.



We would like to take this opportunity to welcome some new children to the nursery! It has been a pleasure to meet you and your families and we look forward to getting to know you better.

A warm welcome to:

Conker Room                       Acorn Room

Eliza                                        Pranith

Ridwan                                  Mina

Meryem                                 Ifechukwa

Caitlin                                    Supreet

Srisan                                      Izabella 

Angel                                     Eva 

Rita                                         Amaya-Marie



This term we are planning a trip Shooters hill Farm. Here we will have the opportunity to learn about planting, how things grow and where they grow. As we are at the Farm we will also be taking a look at the animals and link this with our learning about how things grow.TRIP TO SHIOOTERS HILL FARM 

We will require significant parent help for this trip to go ahead, so if you are available please come and see your class teacher to get you name on our parent help list. A letter will follow shortly with further information.


We are very excited that Forest school will be starting for the children this term. This will run on Tuesdays, you should have received a text regarding this.The days are getting very cold but we will still be using the outdoor every day, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately in warm outdoor clothing so they can enjoy the outdoors and forest school.


This half term we will be exploring the concept of size, length and quantity through many exciting activities relating to the gardening and growing. We will use real life situations such as how many seeds to grow, how large things will grow and weighing out enough soil. 



This term we begin to teach the children a “sound of the week” as part of our phonics program. This term we will cover “S/A/T/P/I”. Please take note of the new sound of the week, displayed on the window of your child’s classroom. We encourage you to help your child find an object (not a toy) that begins with the sound of the week. We use these objects to share at carpet time and add to phonics games that help children identify initial sounds in words.


In reception, we have been introduced to our new topic: “Choices & Voices”. Our global theme for learning is Human Rights, so we are learning all about our own rights. Here are some rights that we have:

 The right to learn                                           The right to clean water       

eyfss1 eyfss2

The right to create

eyfss3 eyfss4

The right to be safe



On our topic tables, we have some new core books that we will be reading in class. If you want to read them at home remember to check out our Lending Library outside the Reception classes. You can borrow any book you like for free! Mirttikka in Walnut Tree Class loves borrowing books and borrows at least one a week. She says, “There’s always more book to read!” We agree with Mirttikka.

book1 book2
book3 book4

We’ve been working hard on our phonics both inside and outside. Can you guess what sounds we’ve been working on this week?


Counting to 20 can be tricky, but this week our teachers have missed out some numbers so we have to work even harder to count on. Don’t worry, though, we are using number lines in our math’s area we will soon find those missing numbers!

While we are learning about our rights, we will be learning about using our voices to make a positive change. Part of this will be looking at images of peaceful protests, thinking about the messages and staging our own march to stand up for what we believe in.


In art, we will be cutting out stencils to use on our placards. Please come along to the playground to hear us using our voices to be champions of positive messages. Our teachers will send out a letter nearer to the time.


Finally, the big news in Reception is our amazing new role play corners! Each class represents different rights.

In Maple, there is “The Right To Be Safe” – a police station.

In Walnut, there is “The Right TO Learn”  - a classroom.

In Chestnut, there is “The Right To Be Looked After” – a hospital.

Please come into the classrooms and take a look at the amazing provision for learning that we have to play and imagine in every day.