Year 1 Autumn News Blog

Welcome to Year 1.

We are Pine, Sycamore and Hazel class. We have been learning all about identity and where we come from. To do this we looked at our environment and the local area. We went for a walk around Woolwich to see what buildings there are in the local area. We found that some of us live in houses, some of us live in flats and not all of us have gardens. In addition, we acted in role and recreated the story in our core text ‘This is our house’.

During our learning we practiced writing our sentences about our families and what makes us special on whiteboards before recording them in our books

Every day we are supporting our peers.  Not only do we encourage them but we are also extending our learning.  We are helping others and using our coaching skills to help support our peers with their learning.

In science we have been looking at materials. Are objects natural or man-made? What are different objects made from? We found that some items are made from wood, metal stone and some items are made from plastic. To help us with our learning, we went for a walk around our school to see what we could find out.

In maths we have been learning our number bonds to ten and within ten. We have been using the part-part-whole method to help record the number sentences. To create the number we have been using cubes and numicon.

During the last week of term we had ‘Diversity week’, we all brought our favourite food in to share with each other.  This linked to our topic ‘Identity’ and our core text ‘Who am I?’ because we could share food from around the world with our friends.


We are looking forward to continuing our topic in Autumn 2 where we can extend our knowledge in all areas.