Digital Leaders

This term Foxfield Primary School launched their recruitment drive for Digital Leaders. An assembly was held for Year 5 and 6 outlining the roles and responsibility as well as the application process. Children had a week to submit their application form, these were reviewed and successful applicants were then invited to interview; where they took part in a group activity as well as 1:1 interview.

The successful applicants were:

Brianna, Shyla, Angel, Victoria and Thayer (Year 5) and Wayne, Gomitha and Ryan (Year 6).

The Digital Leaders are very excited about their new role where they will be setting up equipment, testing and reviewing new apps and working as part of our Journalism team. They will be working with other Digital Leaders across the partnership to share ideas and expertise.

"I'm really happy to be a part of the team, I'm looking forward to working with new people"

"I'm really excited to be learning new things"

"I can't wait to interview other teachers and pupils"