Key Stage 1

Year  1

We are Hazel, Juniper and Pine Tree

In English this half term, we will be focusing on the characters from our core text, ‘The Journey’ written by Francesca Sanna. We will be recording character descriptions before identifying features of a letter. After, we will write a persuasive letter to large organisations asking for donations to help refugees.

In Topic we will be learning about refugees and what we can do to help improve their life. To do this we will be learning about human rights and social justice and equality. We will design and create a welcome box that can be given to refugee children.

Our focus in Maths will be exploring 2D shapes, place value and subtraction. Children will use their prior knowledge of addition and subtraction to help them solve problems and answer questions.

In RE, we are learning about Judaism and the Shabbat table. We will be learning about places of worship and identifying key beliefs.

In Art, we will be creating a collage using bird images from the book ‘The Journey’, which will symbolise hope.

During our Science lessons, we will be learning about plants and what they need to grow. In addition, we will be learning about what types of plants are edible and if they are evergreen or deciduous.

Year 2

We are Ash, Plum and Sycamore Tree

In English this half term, our core text, ‘Hermelin’ by Mini Grey tells the story of a mouse investigator. However, nobody knows the crime solver of Offley Street is a mouse. We will be looking at gender roles and stereotypes and this will lead to comparisons being made for different roles. This will lead us to record a newspaper report about the crimes committed.

Our Topic will be looking at the rights that children have in the UK and in other countries. We will be debating whether children should work from a young age. We will then share our knowledge and opinions with other year groups. In addition, we will be going into Woolwich to tell the local community about Children’s Rights.

In Maths, our focus will be fractions of numbers and shapes. In addition, we will be learning about time.  Children will use their knowledge to solve questions and problems.

In RE we are learning about Christianity, focusing on The Easter Story and different symbols.

In Science we will be continuing to learn about plants and conduct further investigations regarding their growth.

In Art, we will use different media to paint an insect seen through a magnifying glass, this will show the effects of the different sizes.

We welcome parental involvement in our school. If you are able to visit the school or help in any way, please contact your child’s class teacher.

If you have any questions about Key Stage 1, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Ms Turner, our phase leader for Years 1 & 2