Key Stage 1

Year 1

In English this half term we will be focusing on our core text ‘The Day You Begin’ written by Jacqueline Woodson. Our focus is the sense of identity and community. We will be describing a setting and a character, then identifying facts about ourselves.
Our focus in Maths will be counting in ones, addition and learning number bonds within ten. We will use the part, part, whole method to help to number solve problems.
We are learning about Hinduism and identifying the key beliefs. In addition, we will be learning about Rama and Sita, as well as identifying Hindu gods.
In Curriculum, we will be comparing the local community and identifying where we belong. We will be finding out about the local area of Woolwich and comparing the past and present.
During our Science lessons, we will be looking at seasons and the weather, as well as keeping a weekly diary entry about the weather. Additionally, we will be classifying animals and identifying distinguishing features.
In Art, we will focus on the artist Rafael Lopez and Rennie Mackintosh, comparing how they both interpret flowers, then we will create our own painting replicating a Rafael Lopez painting from our core text.


Year 2

In English this half term, our core text, ‘Happiness is a Watermelon on Your Head’ by Stella Dreis tells the story about a woman who is always happy and some characters who go on a journey trying find what happiness means to them. We will be writing a character description about a character in the story.
In Maths, our focus will be exploring counting to 100 as well as recapping on our number bonds to and within 20. We will be partitioning and recombining numbers. Additionally, we will be learning our two, five and ten times tables.
In RE we are learning about what makes individuals unique, as well as identifying the different religions.
In Art, we will create watercolour melons as well as a collage of a fruit by using different resources. We will research the artist Cynthia McGarry, identifying the colours and ways she creates images of fruit.
Our learning journey for our curriculum lessons include finding out what different activities make people happy. We will be researching the past and present features of Greenwich as well as identifying various geographical facts.

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school. If you are able to visit the school or help in any way, please contact your child’s class teacher.

If you have any questions about Key Stage one, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Ms Turner, our phase leader for Key Stage one.